Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Kendra Lust, the porn actress who brings James Rodríguez crazy

James Rodriguez began to follow the networks to a pornstar and a good ...
Separated from his wife Daniela Ospina for some time, they said that because of one of his admirers, the Russian model Helga Lovekaty, the followers of James look at everything she does with a magnifying glass.

And a few months ago they realized that I was beginning to follow on Instagram the porn actress Kendra Lust, who has neither more nor less than almost two and a half million followers.

Kendra, 39, well known and rewarded in her professional sector, also started to follow the Bayern Colombian and there are those who are already beginning to think that the thing might not be there ...

But, in short, it is not the first time that James is related to a porn actress. A while ago, as we already told you in the Rosa Ball, he was linked with Esperanza Gómez, who did not leave him or Falcao in a good place.

"They are not macho enough for me," he said.