Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Larissa Riquelme's boyfriend is accused of raping a girl!

Jonathan Fabbro, the girlfriend of Larissa Riquelme, known as the girlfriend of the World Cup, has been accused of raping an eleven-year-old girl.
A few days after consummate the descent of his equipment, the Jaguars of Chiapas, Jonathan Fabbro is in the focus by a serious accusation.
The Argentine player, a longtime partner of the Paraguayan model who conquered the entire world with his neckline during the World Cup in South Africa, would have committed the alleged crime in Buenos Aires between 2014 and 2016 when he left with Larissa.
According to the news channel C5N, the complaint was filed by the 32nd Court of the Argentine capital and in the file it is stated that the brother of the victim was the one who put the request enclosing messages of high sexual content whose sender would be the player of 35 years .
Apparently, the minor has already been given a statement, which has also undergone medical examinations to assess the aggression.
It is speculated that Argentina could demand the extradition of Fabbro, who could face a sentence of 20 years.
Undoubtedly, news that Larissa Riquelme , who recently celebrated her 6 years of engagement with the player, will have received as a tremendous jug of cold water.