Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Ney's girlfriend reveals who and when she stopped being a virgin

Bruna Marquezine unveiled in a Brazilian television program at which age she lost her virginity. Was very young…
" At 11 , " said the actress who leaves with Neymar for the second time in a few months. The statement made it to the program 'Lady Night', a kind of Brazilian Sálvame.
But the revelation did not stay there. He gave more details ... "It was with my friend Pedro in a hotel. My parents were asleep and I went for a walk with him, "he recalled.
At first, Bruna had agreed with presenter Tatá Wernevk not to talk about Neymar, but it was inevitable and there came another bomb.
"I would never name Neymar a creature I love," he said with a laugh and then refused to talk about whether they had any wedding plans.
On the look of her boyfriend, said he had nothing to do. "The truth is that he does not consult me ​​much. He has a very unique way of dressing and likes to try new things and be bold. Sometimes he asks for my opinion, but the truth is that I do not influence much. "