Monday, 28 November 2016

Rihanna: "I get horny, I'm human"

Throughout the summer we have seen Rihanna flirting with various athletes. If Benzema first, then Lewis Hamilton ...
With French was seen late in the morning in a nightclub in New York and English carnival took him to his native Barbados.
After these days of revelry, and no one knows what else, let none garment. "We're just friends , " said one and the other, leaving the question open.
Well, now it turns out that Rihanna has confessed to have serious problems to calm their sexual appetites. Let that be a celebrity is not as easy as it seems and cause many headaches.
In an interview with Vanity Fair, Rihanna is honest and speaks very clear: "I get horny, I'm human. I want to have sex but ... what do I do ?, random catch the first handsome man? ".
The singer adds that dreams of a normal life, but admits that it is impossible for the cameras pursue it wherever you go, day and night.

The other Iryna is not decided between Messi and Cristiano

Irina Ivanova, the playboy bunny whom we met posing with Paolo Futre, returns to the charge. She wants to be a muse of the 2018 World Cup, which is celebrated in her country.
Russian playmate has been postulated several photos and videos dedicated to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, still very unclear which of the two stars is decided.

CR7, hunted in Paris with wig and ... new girlfriend?

Cristiano Ronaldo could have a new girlfriend. Although he tried to go unnoticed, the Portuguese hunted him in Paris kissing his supposed new conquest.
The Italian magazine 'Chi' prying published photographs. In the first, Christian tried to hide under a hood, a wig and dark glasses ...
But it did not go unnoticed and the paparazzi could capture the second snapshot, in which kissing a pretty brunette.
A few hours later various media put his name and surname. The new girlfriend of Cristiano would be called Georgina Rodriguez and would be a Spanish model, who lives in Madrid.
Young only a few pictures circulating since kept private his Instagram account, which is presented with the hashtag #VividoraDeLaVida and # SoñadoraDeLosSueños.
Recall that recently broke with the Christian model Desiré Cordero also because it supposedly aired their romance.

The porn video that can sink an NFL crack

Von Miller, a Denver Broncos player, is seriously compromised by a sexual video that his lover blackmails.
She is the model Elizabeth Ruiz. A Cuban exuberant allegedly Von Miller would have required about 2.5 million euros spread not one of their names engraved on a mobile sexual encounters.
The tape had recorded with the consent of both, during a vacation in Cancun. However, the player would have repented soon after ...
And when he asked the borrrara Elizabeth, she gave him a resounding "I have you" and asked for two and a half euros in exchange for not disseminating million.
Broncos linebacker does not want his image to be damaged and impair their advertising contracts , but for now, only a judge has put a restraining order rather than prevent copying or distribution of the video.

Russian Kim Kardashian warm up the 2018 World Cup

Proclaimed a muse of the Russian World Cup, Anastasiya Kitvko, better known as the Russian Kardashian, is already looking forward to the beginning of football action.
We introduced you a little over a year ago when his name began to sound strongly in social networks. At that time, Anastasiya Kivtko still did not have a million followers ...
But in a couple of months, back in October of 2015, he reached the magic figure. And since then, the rise of Kim Kardashian Russian has been meteoric.
At present, also known as the muse of Russia-2018 World already has more than four million followers. An atrocity!

A success has contributed to the fact that the Russian model has established his residence in Miami. There he runs the publicity contracts to show off an exuberant and voluptuous body.
In just 21 years, with a heart - stopping action (96-62-105), the goddess of Kaliningrad is primarily a viral phenomena.

And vibrates undoubtedly the next World Cup to be held in his country and whose European qualifying has just begun.