Thursday, 20 October 2016

4th Man Arrested In Tyson Gay's Daughter's Murder Case

A 20-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of Tyson Gay's 15-year-old daughter ... the 4th suspect arrested so far ... cops have confirmed. 
The Lexington P.D. says they believe Lamonte A. Williams was involved in the gunfight near the Cook Out restaurant on October 16th ... in which a stray bullet struck and killedTrinity Gay, daughter of the U.S. Olympic track star. 
Cops say Williams and at least 3 other men opened fire on each other that night and fired multiple gunshots. 
The other 3 suspects have already been arrested. 
Williams has been charged with wanton endangerment. 
The investigation is still active -- cops are still trying to determine the exact sequence of events that led up to Gay's death.


Yom Kippur? More like Yom Stripper for Floyd Mayweather
The boxer wrangled up around 15 dancers for a private twerkest at his residence at a fancy L.A. hotel -- and threw so much cash in the air, you can't see the floor. 
Floyd's been known to host these private hotel stripper parties every now and then ... because, well, he's got the time and the money.
How was your Tuesday night? 


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Floyd Mayweather ... actor??? 
Yep ... and it's all thanks to Jamie Foxx
Floyd just locked up a role in Jamie's new movie, "All-Star Weekend" -- and the two are already gellin' on the L.A. set. 
We're told Floyd is playing himself -- so don't go polishing that Oscar yet -- but we're told he's taking the job seriously since his good friend Jamie is directing and producing the flick.
So, what's the movie about? IMDb says it's about "two buddies who form a rivalry over their favorite American basketball player."

Good times. 

Gerard Piqué Cheats, His Girlfriend Forgives

Gerard Piqué's girlfriend has a lot of patience. He cheats. She forgives. 

Nuria promptly forgave him after Ibrahimovic and Piquè homo scandal and they moved on. Piqué cheated on her with the sexy Colombian pop star Shakira and she turned a blind eye to her boyfriend's infidelity and flew Greece with her beau on a romantic holiday instead of leaving him. A touch more pride would not go amiss!

Nuria Tomas probably is the queen of pigs but she's not the queen of Gerard Piqué's heart!

Marisa Mendes, Which Have In Their Networks To CR7

  • Jorge Mendes's daughter, Marisa, is the woman who is on their networks to Cristiano Ronaldo. Literally…
MASM okyes
Just over a year ago it was speculated that the superagent daughter had an affair with Christian.
The fact that you saw them together in London, where a documentary about the Real Madrid striker was released, fueling rumors.
These rumors grew when Marisa, fruit of the first marriage of super agent , went hand in hand with Cristiano's second wedding with Sandra Barbosa Jorge Mendes.
Now, however, it has been known that the relationship with Cristiano also has a professional side.Marisa is the community manager of Portuguese and takes care of all your social networks.
In that sense, certainly you will not lack work since CR7 is the athlete more often on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.