Friday, 3 June 2016

Mariana and Camila Davalos twins who are the fans of the selection of Colombia

Maria Camila and Mariana Davalos known as the twins, are chosen to show that in Colombia there are not only good football. They are candidates to be 'brides' America Centennial Cup.
Maria Camila and Mariana Davalos known as the twins, are chosen to show that in Colombia there are not only good football.
 They are candidates to be 'brides' America Centennial Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo's sister is involved with a drug dealer

Celso Coto said under oath that Katia Aveiro and Simao Sabrosa ex-wife gave him money.
Cristiano Ronaldo's sister Katia Aveiro, is news this day and not for his music. The woman would be involved with drug traffickers for having lent allegedly Celso money Cota, and sentenced to seven years in prison for drug trafficking.
At trial, the drug, said to be "well - connected with the world of public figures" and had received "money Katia Aveiro" Sister Christian and Filipa Valente, the ex - wife of exazulgrana Simao Sabrosa.
While Cristiano Ronaldo hurries holiday in Ibiza before joining the concentration of the Portuguese overlooking the Euro, one of her sisters is involved in trouble with the law.
"I gave money because they are friends of mine , " said Celso authorities. At the moment, neither Katia nor Filipa have come out against the allegations.
Next to the "narco" have also been sitting on the dock vice president of Sporting Lisbon Paulo Pereira Cristovao and "Mustapha", leader of the main rocks of the club, Juve Leo.

Between 15 and 20 years in prison they would fall to Honduran footballer accused of rape

Maynor Gomez was sent to San Pedro Sula Prison. Tuesday has initial hearing
fter being arrested on Wednesday in Villanueva accused of alleged special rape against a 13 - year-old Honduran Maynor Gomez footballer was sent to the Criminal Center of San Pedro Sula.
The courts in the north issued a statement which confirmed the above.
"The Civil Court of the Judicial Criminal Section of San Pedro Sula, in Court Charged Declaration, decided to apply the precautionary measure of judicial arrest for the term of law Maynor Hernan Gomez Romero," begins the letter.
"Who is he supposed responsible for the crime of rape special, as they must meet in the Criminal Center of this city. Set the initial hearing for Tuesday, June 7 at 10.30am," he added.
According to the Criminal Code in force in Honduras, should be convicted, Gomez will fall between 15 and 20 years in prison.
Gomez played in Parrillas One, Lepaera FC, Real Juventud and Villanueva in Honduras football.

Muhammad Ali Hospitalized for Respiratory Issues ... 'Fair Condition'

Muhammad Ali has been hospitalized for a respiratory issue ... and he's currently in fair condition, this according to the boxer's spokesperson. 
The rep says Ali is being tended to by a team of doctors and is expected to remain in the hospital for a short while.
74-year-old Ali was last seen out in public back in April -- when he attended the Celebrity Fight Night charity event in Arizona ... along with huge stars like Carrie Underwood and Rob Gronkowski.
Ali was last hospitalized back in January 2015 for follow-up care after a severe infection.