Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Bruges: hot holding jail with naked and ...

Neither the cavalcade of Leicester, or Barca. The best celebration of a title found in Bruges. There, a young undressed and danced enfervorecidos hundreds of fans.
It was 11 years Brugge had not won the Jupiler League and won on Sunday after thrashing Anderlecht 4-0, with two days in advance. So the fans took to the streets and celebrated the title in style.
So big, that a girl, clad only in bra and jeans, began to dance in a known place (Eiermarkt) and caused the fans to forget for a moment the pints of beer they were drinking ...
Gradually was taking off her clothes and danced in an erotic dance with joy and hubbub followed up ... the police arrived.
She was arrested and spent the night in jail awaiting a trial that could be ordered to pay a fine and even a prison sentence.
The Belgian press has discovered who the girl in question. It is not any one. This is Annuska H. (36 years), exparticipante of reality 'Undercover Lover' in the local chain VT4.
It is not the first time you have trouble with the law, as he was sentenced to ten months in prison for assaulting his partner and violating probation.
He must follow psychological treatment, but preferred to go to Thailand to participate in the reality and during his turbulent past linked to prostitution was discovered.

What footballer will Allegri's daughter?

Betting are set at Allegri and daughter and forecasts on who will be her boyfriend Proximi footballer cross.
Few weeks, Valentina Allegri's daughter makes Juve coach, he rose to fame in celebrating the scudetto won by his father singing the anthem of the Vecchia Signora in a video that rose to Instagram.

Now, their joy should be doubled by the double achieved on Saturday by winning the Coppa and its popularity has also increased. So much so that some bookmakers and start betting on it.
And it has been known that Valentina had an affair with former player Francesco Lopapa and now, when they say they would be leaving Marco Frontini a extronista of the Italian version of 'mujeres y hombres y viceversa "begin to take bets on who will be his next boyfriend footballer.

The first name on the list of bookmakers is Paul Pogba, trading at 1.65; followed, 2'50, Simone Zaza, a close friend of Francesco Lopapa, and third place on the podium are Domenico Berardi, Sassulo tip, and Andrea Belotti, Torino striker, both at 4.00.