Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ailén Bechara, a fan of Leo Messi and Higuain ex

Bechara Ailén a celebrity Argentina which was associated with Higuain few years ago, now dreams of the return of Leo Messi the Argentine football. 

The model, a native of Buenos Aires, began his television career in 2011 and one of his greatest successes was achieved second place in the program Dancing for a Dream.
When Higuain played for Real Madrid, various media noted a relationship with striker which he became known by the nickname of "predator" for his many female conquests.
Ailén is also a proven passion for soccer and Leo Messi. So much so that in a recent interview, said the Barcelona star wants to keep his word to end his career at his boyhood club, Newell's Old Boys.

Cansu Taskin, Turkish delight Cristiano

The Turkish model ensures Cansu Tanskin maintain regular contact with Cristiano Ronaldo. Is she the new Portuguese Turkish delight?
Cansu appeared on local television and in an interview said it maintains regular contact with the Real Madrid striker through social networks.
According to her, Christian began to follow him and then exchanged messages through Instagram account in which the Turkish model has a quarter of a million followers.
Turkish media doubters who are dating, but the truth is that Cansu has gained notoriety on the Internet by their statements.