Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Another sensuous tribute to Messi Miss Bumbum

Suzy Cortez, Miss Bumbum 2015, continues to proclaim his devotion to the club and, above all, by Leo Messi.
Last week the Brazilian encouraged the Blaugrana before the game against Arsenal, up to a very sensual Instagram photo of himself in which wished there was a win in the Emirates.
A few days earlier also paid tribute to Messi, enfundándose the albiceleste shirt of the Argentina team with number 10 on his back.
Suzy explained that the photos also had another reason. And it was none other than helping the Afghan small Murtaza.
The story of the little, playing Messi be wearing a bag with the colors of Argentina, the emotional and "decided to do something on the internet to help you find our idol of Barcelona".
 Suzy received some criticism at home, where they see a Brazilian with a shirt of Argentina selection is nothing short of sacrilege. "I see no problem in wearing the uniform of another country if it is to help someone , " he said.
However, the images have already been removed from your account Instagram, though neither miss nor anyone Bumbum have been avoided to give around the world.

 It also Suzy is touring the planet and landed a few days ago in Dubai, scale for subsequent trip to China, where he arrived clad in ... a Blaugrana shirt!

Sylvie van der Vaart, better than ever

Sylvie van der Vaart, the former Van der Vaart returns to the forefront of today with a new swimsuit posed for a German brand of lingerie.
ilming took place in Bali. In its paradisiacal beaches, Sylvie looked an impressive figure but has aroused some controversy in the Netherlands.
Some of the photos you've uploaded to Instagram in recent days have called the attention of the most important media in the country to ensure that is thinner than ever.
These reports indicate that Sylvie is obsessed with sport and food. His followers have also sent messages saying that is "literally bone and look like a different person. Your photo frightens me. "
She herself has denied the rumors about his health and ensures that even eat properly and not deprived of chocolate.