Monday, 25 January 2016

Kendall Jenner, willing to meet with Christian!

Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian sister is one of the goals of Cristiano Ronaldo and, say his relatives, would like to meet with Madrid striker.

It all started a few days ago when Christian took a 'like' one of Kendall's photos on Instagram. The striker made ​​no comment on the picture but it was clear that the young American appeals to you ...

The topic was much discussed by supporters of both and, according to the website 'Hollywood Life', Kendall also likes the Portuguese and would be willing to grant an appointment if he tries. "I would undoubtedly" said a source close to the model to this media source.
Currently, the celebrity and model maintains a relationship with Harry Styles of One Direction, but this would not be a problem to try his luck with Kendall Christian, because at the moment does not want anything serious or close any door.

As noted Hollywood Life, the event could take place in Barcelona until this week. Kendall plans to be in our city on Thursday for a promotional act of signing Mango.
A couple of months and that caused a stir him a Christian also like Kylie, Kendall's sister. At that time the blood does not reach the river ...

April Summers defends Mancini and crushes Sarri

April Summers, the English model who lives in Italy, has intervened in the dispute between Mancini and Sarri defending the coach of Inter and Napoli accusing of "jealous".
Long since April Summers, English playmate, professes great devotion for Roberto Mancini. He continues to coach from Manchester City and now that makes Inter, has become a follower over neroazurro team.
That is why we could not stay out of the war between technical, unleashed because at the recent Copa, Sarri called "fagot" Mancini.
Although it has already apologized, the Napoli coach has been widely criticized, including by April Summers, who attacked him on social networks.
"Mancini is great, talented and humble. Sarri not have any of that, he is a jealous, "he says.

Miss World and Neymar?

The news of an alleged affair between Mireia and Neymar has just been just that: an alleged affair. Because the course is a long way to l Miss it has denied everything Vanitatis.
"It is completely false that story. We're not together or anything, although he has known. I admire him as a player and you are, "said the aforementioned portal.
Yes, he confirmed, as stated in various interviews, which is a football fan and your favorite team is Barcelona.
But then to go out with Neymar, no nothing. In fact, he says that with the full agenda has no time for boyfriends.

Mireia Canalda, "Ronaldo, a thug in bed"

Mireia Canalda naked outside and inside in an interview to 'Frontline'. It explains his relationship with Ronaldo and has come to nurse her boyfriend, exnadador Felipe Lopez.

Our fellow Frontline have set another goal with a spectacular Mireia Canalda report in its February issue. Mireia statements to Torito no waste and the same is true of the photos of Joan Crisol.
The most striking, undoubtedly, is the statement that Mireia amantaba her boyfriend. "With my daughter Ines me breasts swelled so much that they hurt and asked Philip to me emptied. He was delighted because it is a vitamin and protein spectacular "he explains.
Mireia also confesses that he once had sex on the same day up to nine times and talked about his relationship with several players, including Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto'o.
"It bothers me to call my friend to the players because, if you really me he had eaten them all, it would have been fun. My partner was Ronaldo, I lived with him for nine months and it is normal to have other players as friends" He said first.
He adds: "I was never with Ronaldinho. As for Samuel Eto'o had a big family problem and I was his cry on. I had the phone always taught me his new car, we were going to dinner and that's it. "
Mireia went into detail about his relationship with the phenomenon. "I lived in Milan and met him at a party. We became great friends, we went partying together I helped him pick up my friends.; all rolled and me, did not try, "he says.
Three years later, Ronaldo scored his first goal with Mireia. "He invited me to his birthday party crazy, that to which prostitutes took a bus and came across the press. It was the day I started with him."
I never have imagined being a WAG to use. "Never. When I was with Ronaldo I spent much more money than when I had other relationships. The purchase of the supermarket made her his assistant. I gave her half the money and Ronaldo got angry. He told me, 'You're a freak and that's why I like you a lot. I find women who are so '. "

Mireia added: "Ronaldo called me the First Lady for her friends respected me. They would not think I had to hang out. Ronaldo's mother said, 'Will you be my friend whether you're still my daughter or not.' "
Finally, when asked whether the phenomenon is well endowed, Mireia replied "do not stand out for its size. It was very thug in bed. He was always looking to see how he could give a new twist to sex, with a good pull hair or a good slap. All that he loved ".