Thursday, 1 December 2016

Balotelli's rare eccentricity with his ex-girlfriend

Mario Balotelli has surprised again with another eccentricity. He has spied on his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter.
The reason for such a drastic decision is not yet known, but the news already occupies and intrigues the Italian media.
The revelation was made by the magazine Oggi 'and, specifically, the journalist Alberto Dandolo. According to the columnist, the player Nice has hired a private detective agency to control your ex.
She is neither more nor less than Rafaella Fico, mother Pia, daughter Balotelli did not recognize until a paternity test proved he was hers.
Previously, the model was also Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend for a few months. It was the time when the Portuguese still played at Manchester United and she even stated that she had lost her virginity with the Portuguese.
He is now about to marry Alessandro Moggi, son of Luciano, the former Juventus captain.

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