Monday, 28 November 2016

CR7, hunted in Paris with wig and ... new girlfriend?

Cristiano Ronaldo could have a new girlfriend. Although he tried to go unnoticed, the Portuguese hunted him in Paris kissing his supposed new conquest.
The Italian magazine 'Chi' prying published photographs. In the first, Christian tried to hide under a hood, a wig and dark glasses ...
But it did not go unnoticed and the paparazzi could capture the second snapshot, in which kissing a pretty brunette.
A few hours later various media put his name and surname. The new girlfriend of Cristiano would be called Georgina Rodriguez and would be a Spanish model, who lives in Madrid.
Young only a few pictures circulating since kept private his Instagram account, which is presented with the hashtag #VividoraDeLaVida and # SoñadoraDeLosSueños.
Recall that recently broke with the Christian model Desiré Cordero also because it supposedly aired their romance.

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