Friday, 22 April 2016

Miss Bumbum: "I Do not send nude photos Messi"

  • Suzy Cortez, Miss Bumbum 2015, said to have been blocked by Messi his Instagram account, supposedly for sending racy photos.
  • The, culé recognized and fan of Messi, Brazilian model admitted blocking Messi and his partner,Antonella Rocuzzo. However, he denied that he had bombed nude photos as says The Sun.
    In separate messages on Instagram, Suzy wanted to clarify that many of the news in the press have been "distorted".
    He says that "he never sent a photo. The only thing I did was post a photo in support of his Golden Ball and always as a fan of Barcelona and considerándalo the best player inthe world. never saw a problem with it. " 
  • He believes that all about jealousy. "It was an exaggeration by his wife block me . I never sent naked to the player. not my fault you have a jealous woman who blocks me. It is exaggerated and ridiculous. "
    He added that "I do not know Messi" and was surprised because "a lot of people linked to he blocked me and I do not know why. Barcelona is 116 years old and is greater than any player to better it. Visca Barca!

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