Monday, 25 January 2016

April Summers defends Mancini and crushes Sarri

April Summers, the English model who lives in Italy, has intervened in the dispute between Mancini and Sarri defending the coach of Inter and Napoli accusing of "jealous".
Long since April Summers, English playmate, professes great devotion for Roberto Mancini. He continues to coach from Manchester City and now that makes Inter, has become a follower over neroazurro team.
That is why we could not stay out of the war between technical, unleashed because at the recent Copa, Sarri called "fagot" Mancini.
Although it has already apologized, the Napoli coach has been widely criticized, including by April Summers, who attacked him on social networks.
"Mancini is great, talented and humble. Sarri not have any of that, he is a jealous, "he says.

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