Thursday, 24 December 2015

Melanie Martins: the blond thousand trips CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo trips to Morocco so worried that Real Madrid were not only to meet his friend the boxer Badr Hari.

According to the Portuguese magazine reveals Nova People, Cristiano would drop so often in the North African country to join his new course love.

His great secret, as the magazine says, is called

Melanie Martins. It is a model, blogger and Portugal was Miss Universe in 2011.

His father is originally from the Portuguese Algarve and resides in Paris, where usually escape frequently to travel to Morocco, where you would be seeing secretly with Cristiano Ronaldo.

This would therefore be the real reason that so assiduously player crosses (saying he did every day) the Strait of Gibraltar.

Since she separated from Irina Sahayk earlier this year will have attributed many brides and Real Madrid striker himself has acknowledged that he was doing a kind of casting to decide which was the most appropriate.

Will the final substitute Melanie Irina?

Melanie Martins, a Portuguese model, would be the reason for the frequent secret trips to Morocco Cristiano Ronaldo.