Friday, 18 September 2015

Morata and Maria Pombo back together

Alvaro Morata and Maria Pombo back together. The couple reconciled and as evidence and was last seen together in public.

For some time already it speculated that Alvaro and Maria could have reconciled after the crisis that led them to sever their relationship in early summer.

However, they could not stay long without each other and finally they settled their differences.

Coinciding with the league break the previous week, the couple was spotted and photographed in Vernazza (Italy), where he ate at the restaurant 'Gianni Franzi', whose entry a picture with the owner, Emanuele Viacava recognized Juventus fan were taken.

Juan Iturbe: double game with the official and deputy

The Roma player and rival Barcelona in the Champions League, Juan Iturbe, go wrapped in a tangle of skirts. And according to the sensational, the Paraguayan striker maintains a double play with two women.

On the one hand, his official girlfriend, Guadalupe Gonzalez, a former Miss Paraguay, who has followed him to Rome where company boasts beautiful: the other, a 19-year-old named Leila Duarte, who would be your lover.

Meetings with the latter occurring in Asuncion and that the player fills it with gifts, including a white BMW. The fact is that gossip has spread and the local press waits to see what happens when you reach the ears of Guadalupe.