Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Ruud Gullit in love with barista coffee lounge Gordon

Former professional footballer Ruud Gullit (53) has fallen for the charms of barista Karin de Rooij (48) from Zaandam. Karin works at Blushing, coffee lounge singer Gordon. Gullit was recently found several times in the establishment.
The love luck is still early. ,, We had a few dates, but true news. It's a very nice woman, '' said Gullit RTL Boulevard.

The athlete divorced in 2012 after a marriage of 16 years, Estelle Cruyff, a niece of Johan Cruijff. The showbiz couple had two children: Joƫlle and Maxim. A year ago, stranded Gullit relationship with the Mexican TV chef Maggie Jimenez. Their future would lie too far apart.

A new chapter of love, he had not even think. ,, I did not even think of a new relationship. There is even a nice little peace in my life. When I see the radiant smile on the face of Maxim, that's more important than anything else, '' it sounded shortly afterwards. Gullit now enjoy the laughter of catering businesswoman Karin.