Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Christian accused of cyber-harassment of a minor!

A few days ago a rumor that Cristiano Ronaldo could have harassed a minor throwing quoits with messages through a social network.

The issue, however, was not too likely to be credible and all pointed to a fake. But some media have begun to cite this Saturday at the British broadcaster Sky Sports as confirmation of the news.

We have not been able to verify the accuracy of information through the web of this medium, but is credited to be assured that the very young 16 year old American model Meredith Jackson says the Real Madrid striker has harassed.

It is cited as unique and unsustainable test capture a message, say they already cleared by Meredith, in which Christian just says 'hey' nothing to prove harassment white crack of the media speak quoting Sky Sports .
It is not the first news of this kind appearing in recent days about Christian. As we told you, a Brazilian model who lives in Australia, Aline Lima, he said the Portuguese tried ligársela Madrid during the tour of that country.

Do not miss some of the photos that allegedly harassed, Meredith Jackson, model ,, New York Model Mgmt has posted on the networks.

Courtois and her love triangle with Miss Belgium

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is back in the public eye. Emily Vanhoutte, winner of Miss Earth Belgium, accused of having maintained a double life with her and her girlfriend, Marta Dominguez, one of Tenerife which met in Madrid.

Speaking to Belgian magazine Dag Allemaal, Emily, 20, he said his relationship with Courtois began in 2014 without her knowing that exguardameta Atletico Madrid had a partner.

"I had seen in a beauty contest and contacted me through Facebook." They materialize an appointment at a nightclub and there, "he took the lead and from then started dating. I do not intereaba money. I'm from a good family. And if he had known that he had a partner and he did a double life, would not have gone with him, "he added.

Courtois Family threatens to sue Miss Belgium for their claims. "It is sad that this happens, right?", Considered the father of the goalkeeper.

However, this is not the first mess of skirts Courtois. There are several more. According uncovered Intervi├║, a waitress named Jeny Sanchez also said he had an affair with him.

Louder was the scandal that was organized in 2013 with Caroline Lijnen, then girlfriend of his team-mate Kevin de Bruyne.

According to her, he kept a love triangle with the two players and the matter jumped to the Belgian press, becoming a real soap opera.

Van der Vaart, all back with his ex-wife Sylvie?

It seems incredible, but true. Could there be any chance that Van der Vaart is reconciled with his ex-wife Sylvie van der Vaart!

At least that's the contention of the German magazine OK quoting a family friend of the player Betis, which ensures that the Dutch hostess would be hatching a plan to win back her ex-husband.

"In recent days, it has launched a charm offensive to stop being blacklisted as Rafael both his parents, Ramon and Lolita. So intends pave the way for an eventual return (to the family, "he said this source as recorded by World magazine quoted 0K! People.

The fact is that both Sylvie and Rafael are back in the singles market. As we explain in the ball Rosa, she cut his last partner, the businessman Maurice 'Momo' Mobetie, after a romantic holiday in Ibizas and allegedly having hidden that was broken.
Momo has fended off accusations impostor and have taken advantage of a Sylvie to the anonymous friend of Van der Vaart left in very bad place. "All we can do for him is to warn and hope that this nightmare is not real and that she did not get back trap between their networks. To get back together, I do not see the end to this drama. "

Rafael just cut with his girlfriend knew Boulharouz (exmejor friend Sylvie) that made pregnant. "She says referring to the source Sylvie OK - knows better than anyone the private problems that Rafa has to face. Not only it had to take a break with Sabia,. If not also to the fact that it is pregnant and that early next year his son come into the world "

"The doctor had sex with Chelsea players"

The tabloid The Sun published a shocking statements Sunday's ex-boyfriend Dr. Eva Carneiro, marginalized by Mourinho, which ensures that the Gibraltar 41 slept with Chelsea players.

The former partner of Dr. Ruppert Ward Patterson, a commercial advertising also 41, says that "she confessed" that "had sex with players" and called it "a nymphomaniac who has ruined my life."

The groom added that Eva Carneiro, protagonist of a bitter confrontation with Mourinho at Chelsea-Swansea last week, "is class, ambitious, and has no scruples. To me it made me feel like a useless earn less than 30,000 pounds per year (about 45,000 euros). "

"It is proud to be popular with players and loves being the center of attention. Not many people actually know her. It is a very sexual woman who always gets what he wants. I was crazy about her and talked to raise a family. But Eva betrayed me and spat. I put out on the street because nothing seemed enough. Eva loves sex. It is very important to her. We could have sex every day, "he added.

Rupert falls short in the story and explains that "Eva hit me in the face after he recriminate have given your phone number to another guy in my presence. Besides, when we fought I rubbed me that he had ridden with cracks. Although I think he did it to make me feel bad and do not know if it was true. "
The advertising agent, who began dating in 2012 Carneiro, keep shooting, "I had had a player who's especially harassed, parading naked in the locker room and making sure he saw his parts. After a game he called his hotel room and opened the door when not wearing anything. "

He added: "Sometimes when we were sitting on the sofa watching TV at night, players called saying they had physical problems. She was at nine or ten at night and did not return until the morning. "
After a trip to Marbella in 2013, Rupert and Eve cut. It was the end of a relationship that allowed the business to hobnob with the Chelsea players. "I had tickets for many of the parties and outside Stamford Bridge. Everyone at the club knew who I was. Even I was invited to the homes of Malouda and Peter Cech. I also traveled to Munich for the Champions League final with Toni, the wife of John Terry, Lampard's partner, Christine Bleakely family and the rest of the team. Terry knew me and even Drogba shook my hand, "he recalls.