Friday, 7 August 2015

Lavezzi filtered intimate photos of his girlfriend

A series of intimate photos and light erotic content Pocho Lavezzi with his girlfriend, Yanina Screpante, filtered on Tuesday and became a viral phenomenon in social networks.

The images show the PSG player and the Argentina team with a police cap, bare-chested and ready to perform oral sex with your partner. Apparently, the images have a few years and there are rumors that were taken at a party.

At the moment, none of the players have spoken about it.

Miss Bumbum details all your sexual rendezvous with CR7

Last week we told you that Andressa Urach, Bumbum the Miss Cristiano Ronaldo and the most famous of Brazil, was about to publish his biography and that she, who had served as unveiled luxury prostitute.

The book will go on sale until August 25 in Brazil, but the Daily Mail has already acquired the rights to publish fragments of a memoir published by Planeta no waste.

The expectation about whether Andressa going to tell the details of an alleged sexual encounter with Cristiano Ronaldo was high and certainly the model has satisfied the most demanding, as has just been nothing to explain.
According Andressa, the March 19, 2013 he received a call from Portuguese striker of Real Madrid. "You really are the Bumbum miss Brazil?", He asked nothing hook.

"You have the prettiest bumbum and I like the ass," I would have said then. "He could not believe I had the opportunity of a romantic encounter with one of the major players in world football. And I would have nothing to charge for that journey, just thought I would pay any money to be next to Cristiano Ronaldo, "says the model.

QUOTE at Villa Magna in Madrid

A month after this conversation, Andressa traveled to Madrid to meet with the crack in a suite at the Hotel Villa Magna, which cost 12,000 euros a night.

"I was in the private elevator to the suite and my heart stopped when the door opened. It was him, Cristiano Ronaldo. Smiling, he invited me to come and talk quickly about what was going to happen. Then he grabbed me and we had a good intense sexual relationship. Contrary to what you can imagine, the player was a little aggressive in bed. We spent less than an hour in the room. "

Andressa also said he had no intention that his appointment was public, but wanted to have a picture with him for promotion in Brazil. So he asked if he could take a picture as fan of his and Christian said yes, but he put conditions.

Locked in the hotel room

"We can ask the picture but not in the room, 'he said and asked me to come down and wait in the lobby. I waited in the parking lot for 40 minutes until a hotel employee told me that Christian was gone. When I returned to take the elevator, another employee took my arm and said: 'Go up, Christian wants you upload'. Unable to react, I returned to the same room, but this time was empty. They locked me there for three or four hours. Distraught, I called my agent for help. Once I was free, the only thing I thought of was a desire for revenge. "

"You bitch and you'll know what I'm capable of"

So Andressa told the whole story to a British tabloid, The Sun, and armed good. Soon after, he ensures that the player called again and said: 'I swear that justice will be done. You're a whore. I'll send people behind you. You do not know me and you'll know what I'm capable of. "

He apologizes to CR7 And A ... IRINA

Andressa says he now regrets the final confusion. "I would make a public apology to Cristiano Ronaldo and his then girlfriend (Irina Shayk). If I could go back in time write a new page for everything that happened. "

EUR 15,000 charged for two hours

In the book excerpt published in the Daily Mail, Andressa explains that earned 15,000 euros for two hours of sex and lived immersed in the world of prostitution and drugs until he was about to die from an infection caused by the products that are injected into various cosmetic surgery.

Now he has embraced the faith and repents of a grim past in which, he says, came to sleep with hundreds of men. One says also that was a player of the Brazilian team, who paid 4,000 euros to spend five days with him in London in July 2012.

Fellaini: a pornstar girlfriend Poker Stars

Marouane Fellaini have laughed many for his hair to Michael Jackson, also for one year only played after being the star signing from Manchester United, but what no one can outwit his winning capacity is.

A few months ago he severed his relationship with Roxanne Jeffers a pornstar breaks and tears which I already presented and that you can remember clicking here. Well, now it comes with a Belgian model, Gaelle Garcia Diaz, who walks not far behind.

Gaelle, who is of Spanish descent on mother hand, is a presenter of Poker Stars, he appeared a few days ago in a TV show and when asked by her boyfriend said mischievously: "know do more than play football ... "

She was so very good at is posing. He did recently for the magazine Q Magazine. Do not miss the gallery nor the making of the video in which you take with humor bra certain problems that make it slip a breast ...