Thursday, 30 July 2015

¿Rihanna Benzema is coming to Hamilton?

When you have not still echoes off the adventure with Analicia Benzema and Chaves will happen to the British tabloids have speculated that Rihanna would have happened to focus his gaze on a player to do it in a Formula 1 driver.
The tabloid 'The Sun' singer explained that Barbados and Lewis Hamilton have seen repeatedly in recent weeks and that more would be closer, which is interpreted as a revenge that RiRi is charged with Karim though French media insist they are still together.
The information tabloid adds that Rihanna and Lewis dined together last Saturday at the restaurant 'Da Silvano' New York and then went to a nightclub party. Also, quoting an unnamed source, they say they spent the weekend together.
"They always showed interest in each other, but since May began to talk more often. Finally, they managed to reconcile their agendas and spend a weekend, "he revealed the source cited.
"Lewis not only sees Rihanna like a sexy woman, but also considered very funny," he added and claimed that the singer had invited the leader of the world of Formula 1 to go with her ​​to Rio de Janeiro in September and attend his concert 'rock in Rio'.

Sophie: the common passion of Balotelli and Cristiano Ronaldo

Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli are paired happily and peacefully today. The Portuguese and spent four years with top Russian Irina Shayk and Italian a couple with Belgian model Fanny Neguesha, although theirs is a relationship with some ups and downs.

This comes about because, in the past and before he met his current girls, Christian and SuperMario were two flirts championship. Even they came to have the same pair, the same passion in common, twice.

One was the Italian Rafaella Fico, which introduced her as his girlfriend CR7 neither more nor less than the singer Elton John, a model who years later would give Balotelli his only daughter, Pia, whose paternity has been fully demonstrated a few months ago after DNA testing requested by the player.

The other girl compatieron, although not at the same time, Sophie Reade was the youngest winner of the English Big Brother in 2009. "It's the girl of my dreams," she says Christian said when he met her and asked for a appointment.

Their relationship was not very durable and, soon after, Sophie mess with Balotelli, with which it did have more than a sexual dalliance. And, as self-confessed glamor model, when-because of an infidelity of the City footballer then parted with his best friend-she went into a deep depression that made him hooked on drugs, he thought he had overcome addiction .

Sophie has long since exceeded that disappointment and problems with drugs. Now it is all a celebrity that has just appeared on the cover of men's magazine Nuts wearing the attributes that made Christian and Balotelli ran out of breath ...