Monday, 27 July 2015

True story Triangle Benzema

The scandal began last Wednesday when realized Instagram American model Analicia Chaves appeared a dozen photos and a few videos with Karim Benzema, who seemed to revealmuch more than friendship between them.
The news that the Real Madrid striker would have left Rihanna, with whom he was seen and photographed while on vacation last July, the model of Cape Verdean origin, spread like wildfire.
However, the web and Rosa Ball was the first to alert the images of Benzema and Analicia Chaves together may not be current. Months ago, an anonymous source had warned of a possible romance between them, but there was no evidence that would confirm.
It has now been the prestigious 'Le Parisien' which has confirmed that photographs and videos of Benzema and Analicia date from last January and had like scene Dubai during a brief break from the Real Madrid player.
So far they had not seen the light and have done so illegally, it claims environment Analicia Chaves. Relative to the model they argue that it was in Los Angeles and there stole mobile, discovered photographs and videos with Benzema the thief would have gone to Instagram on Wednesday. So Analicia temporarily closed his account and withdrew the pictures, but it was too late.
Thus block in history surprise new signing from Manchester City, Raheem Sterling, who tweeted"I can not believe me" to view images and Analicia who might be having an affair today.
French media added that despite this incident, the relationship between Rihanna and Benzema, who is in full pre-season with Real Madrid in China, continues.

Carrasco comes without Wag Atletico, but ... with Milf!

Typically, the players come to a new club accompanied by a dazzling WAG. But one of the new signings of Atletico Madrid, Yannick Ferreira Carrasco, landed at the Calderon with a MILF. What elegantly translated, it means an attractive mother.
It's called Carmen is 43 years old and Seville. 15 years ago he lost sight Yannick's father, a Portuguese of that split. Since then he has taken care of his son and he says, "My mother is very important to me."
Carmen did not go unnoticed in the presentation of Yannick as Atletico player until the mattress President Enrique Cerezo, described as "a very beautiful woman, very young and very friendly. Is fine, "he said.
"Almost everything I have I owe to my mother. I have not seen my father for 15 years. It was she who made ​​sure I could succeed in football. She encouraged me to go to Genk with family welcome, being very small. He let his son come out of house to be footballer, "recallsYannick.
Carmen had to Yannick at age 22, from her relationship with a Portuguese, leaving with the boy and his brother, Mylan, who also wants to be a footballer.
In a subsequent relationship, Carmen had two more children, Hugo (13) and Celia (10), who was raised in Brussels, dedicated to communication agencies and real estate.
In tribute to his mother, Yannick will look 'Carrasco', his middle name, in the back of his camiseta.Carmen was follower of Real Madrid, but has now warned that "death will encourage Atletico".