Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Bigamist Cisse got me pregnant at 13

Prem star’s first wife claims birth date was changed to keep Papiss out of trouble

FOOTBALLER Papiss Cisse’s first wife told yesterday how they falsified their son’s birth date on documents — so no one would know he got her pregnant at 13.

Adjia Siny Thiaw, who was 14 when she gave birth to the Newcastle striker’s son in Senegal, said they lied to make it look as if she had been over 16 — the age of consent.

She said: “We changed his date of birth so Papiss would not get in trouble. Paedophilia is a serious offence and it would have been bad for his career.”

Cisse, 16 when Adjia was pregnant, married her in 2013 — 11 years after son Ousmane’s birth.

They never divorced — meaning Cisse’s May marriage to Senegalese volleyball star Diallo Awa in France was bigamous.

It broke the law in both France and Senegal. The maximum sentence in both countries for bigamy is 12 months’ jail.

Cisse could have faced up to ten years if convicted of underage sex when his son was born. But too much time has lapsed for police to now bring charges.

The Sun traced Adjia to an apartment in Senegal’s capital Dakar, where she lives with Ousmane, now 13.

She said she learned Cisse had married after reading The Sun’s report of the ceremony. She said: “We have never divorced. He has betrayed me and broken my heart.”

After Cisse, 30, married Diallo three of his British lovers came forward to say they were stunned to discover he had wed.

But their heartbreak was nothing compared with Adjia’s. She wept as she told how she and Cisse met at a football tournament in her hometown.

She said: “We liked each other and became boyfriend-girlfriend. Then I got pregnant. I was 13. It was not planned.

“I did not even know I was pregnant until I gave birth.

“I didn’t know anything about those things. I was still at school, playing around like a kid.

“One day my stomach hurt and I went to hospital. The baby was a big shock. I was scared but then I realised I had a baby and I was in love with Papiss.

“My father was very upset. But I did not want the police involved because I wanted to be with Papiss.”

The couple kept up a long-distance relationship as he signed first for French team Metz in 2004, then moved to Germany before a £9million deal took him to Newcastle United in January 2012.

In the summer of 2013 he flew home to Adjia. She said: “He asked me if I would marry him and of course I said yes.

“People said he would never marry me. But I always knew he’d come back to me. 

“It was a beautiful day and Ousmane was very happy his mother and father were now married.” 

When Cisse returned to Newcastle he installed Adjia and Ousmane in their apartment overlooking a dirt street where goats roam freely.

But he lives in a £1million home on an exclusive estate in northern England and earns £173,000 a month in the Premier League.

He gives Adjia £500 for rent and bills. In March last year Adjia and Ousmane visited him in the UK and saw him play in two matches. 

But when Cisse went back to Senegal last summer he was no longer the content family man.

Adjia said: “He was going out late and not coming back until 4am or 5am. After 20 days he packed and left. I knew he had a girlfriend in England but he told me it was over.”

She had also found messages on his phone from Diallo.

Adjia said: “I asked him if she was his girlfriend but he said nothing so I found her on Facebook.

“I sent her a friend request but she told Papiss and he got mad, saying if I created problems for him I would end up hurting him.

“The next thing I knew I read in the papers he had married. But I’m his legal wife. She is not.”

Cisse, a strict Muslim, and Adjia wed in June 2013 and registered the marriage with the civil authorities.

When couples marry in Senegal they get an official document called the Livret de Famille, which has details of any children. On theirs, Ousmane’s date of birth is given as July 7, 2005. His birth certificate has the true date of May 12, 2002.

Polygamy is widespread in Senegal, especially among Muslims. But the law says a man must choose either polygamy or monogamy when he marries for the first time.

If he chooses polygamy he can take up to four wives. If he chooses monogamy, as Cisse did, it is a choice for life. 

Men are regularly prosecuted for bigamy in Senegal but Cisse will be arrested only if Adjia makes a complaint. And she is clinging to the hope he will return to her.

She said: “I am angry and I should sue him for bigamy. But I am also hopeful for the future.”

Newcastle United and Cisse’s agent both declined to comment.

The striker is with the Newcastle squad on a ten-day US tour.

The marriages

CISSE married Diallo Awa, 29, at a yacht club outside Paris, as The Sun revealed last month.

Cisse’s new wife is a Senegalese volleyball star and model who represents her national team and plays for the Stade Francais club in Paris, where she lives.

She wore a stunning white dress at the May 30 wedding and is backing her new husband, having posted a selfie in a Newcastle shirt.

The girlfriends

AS well as having two wives, Cisse had three girlfriends in the UK.

Former Miss England finalist RACHELLE GRAHAM was his on-off girl for two years after they met in November 2012. 

She helped his charity raise funds to buy an ambulance to send to Senegal.

They were targeted by online racist trolls and the stress caused a split.

But late last season Rachelle, 24, thought they were back on track.

She was looking forward to a future together until she discovered on Facebook that he had wed in France behind her back.

Dancer NATALIE GIBSON, 24, from Durham, was so smitten with Cisse she was preparing to convert to Islam to marry him. She began dating him in September 2013 and spent Christmas with him at his home on the posh Darras Hall estate in Ponteland, Northumberland.

She only discovered he had got married after reading about it in The Sun.

Model LASCONNIE SILVA, dated Cisse for eight months until she too read of his wedding in The Sun.

He had talked about marrying the 27-year-old from Reading, Berks, and them having kids.

He also moaned to her about his team-mates. She said: “He said the whole Newcastle team was s*** and that he couldn’t do it all alone.”

The law

ALL sexual activity with a child under 16 is illegal in Senegal, and anyone found guilty faces five to ten years in prison. But the Statute of Limitations means historical abuse is not investigated.

In Senegal a man must choose polygamy or monogamy when he first marries. If he picks polygamy he can take up to four wives. But monogamy, Cisse’s choice, means only one wife at a time.

The top sentence for bigamy is a year’s jail and a fine of the equivalent of between £22 and £324.

In France, there are moves to crack down on polygamy and bigamy. Anyone convicted faces 12 months in jail and a 45,000 euro fine.

The goals

CISSE was born in Dakar, Senegal, in 1985 and made his debut for local team AS Douanes aged 18.

He moved to French club Metz and then German side SC Freiburg before a £9million transfer to Newcastle in 2012. He is a fans’ favourite thanks to his output of nearly a goal every other game.

A strict Muslim, he does not drink and prays daily. He refused to wear a shirt with the logo of sponsors Wonga because Islam forbids lending money for profit. He backed down but then upset some fans after he was pictured in a casino.

He played in a pre-season friendly against Gateshead last week, scoring the goal in a 1-0 win.