Friday, 10 July 2015

"Higuain is sick of the girls of the environment"

In Argentina still smarting from the defeat in the final of the Copa America. And not content with punch him the best in the world, which barely passed the ball peers, now the demons scorch Higuain launched by the penalty of heights.

They all point to the lynching and remember their history "womanizer". Zaira Nara quote, Ailén Bechara, Micaela Vázquez, Valentina Ferrer (Miss Universe Argentina) and Noelia Marzol as some of the alleged victims 'predator' Higuain.

There are many more, but there is no evidence coincidentally the ravings of a 'Pipita', which they say leads to an apartment in 'Olives', which in the past has been one such crucify Natacha Jaittthat 'erotóloga' and calls itself which, incidentally, has just completed a sexy posed for a magazine.

Surely not seek publicity, no, no, but it has launched a fan that smells like shit. "Pipita I can tell you it was always so, I threw myself in Esperanto. I remember being my brother Ulysses, who told me: '! Nena, is a millionaire' and I said 'what the hell I care. "It is very arrogant," he says in Journal Show.

And the star added, as if he were free from all evil: "He could not understand how I was kicking and say 'how do not give ball? As I am not Botinera, nor has that shit in the head, I suck an egg if Pipita or Pepito, so I took shitting. Higuain is sick of the girls of the environment, are all cut from the same cloth these jerks, the Pipita is the most walks by Buenos Aires night looking kittens.Lately I get paid for deleting tweets, so imagine ".

But Natacha still had more to explain. "Higuaín was fighting because I did not give ball, an idiot who did not understand how it bounced at five in the morning in a discotheque. At that time you can not come to grips. "