Thursday, 9 July 2015

Mario Balotelli and Fanny: like two lovebirds in Miami

Balotelli has already surpassed the World Cup elimination. The striker, also unaware of the rumors that placed him outside the Milan -Berlusconi has admitted he wanted venderlo-, has gone to Miami and there is enjoying a few days of sun and beach with his fiancĂ©e Fanny Neguesha.

The paparazzi, who abound for those dollars, they have been photographed both playing in the water and upon departure have immortalized the spectacular Belgian model and singer wearing a pink thong that enhances your perfect side B, as the Italians call the back. Balotelli also appears with a 'mimetic' swimsuit.

Certainly the paparazzi also attracted to the front on the terrace of his hotel room with a cigarette between his lips, which has caused new criticism.