Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Arda Turan: signing and wedding this summer?

Arda Turan still awaiting news about his move to Barca. Monday could be a key day but not the Turkish player has ceased to enjoy your holiday.

A vacation is going with his girlfriend, Aslihan Dogan, in several coastal cities of Turkey as Marmaris or Bodrum.

The Turkish press has published several images of both lying in the sun while the pair also rose on Sunday a photo of your romantic dinner overlooking the sea.
The Turkish media have speculated about the imminent wedding of Turan and his girlfriend,who this summer could occur.

The couple has been dating a few months and their relationship was a surprise to the media in his country, who believed that Arda was to reconcile with her ​​former partner.

From 2009 to late 2013 Arda was dating actress known Turkish Sinem Kobal.

Roberto lifts girlfriend of Cristiano!

And we told him of course courtship of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Italian Alessia Tedeschi was not clear. Or was an invention (not been seen together anywhere) or was just an adventure, a classic here I catch you, here I'll kill you ...

The fact is that although the model fueled speculation by refusing to comment on the relationship and ensure that the Portuguese was the sexiest footballer, their courtship was far from confirmed. So much history has collapsed like a house of cards. And that according to some Portuguese media, the Spanish goal Roberto (former athlete and current Olympiakos), has raised his alleged girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Alessia Roberto and they have been 'hunted' in Ibiza, where the Italian has already few days enjoying the holidays. There, in Talamanta Beach, we saw very loving and accomplices, it being understood that theirs was more than friendship.

Porn Queen Cup and his indecent proposal

The self porno queen of the Copa America, the Chilean Marlen Doll, made ​​one of his usual indecent proposals if his team won the title against Argentina.

On this occasion, there was an sexual marathon, but an offering technical Sampaoli.

"Now because Chile, go for the lead. It suck to Sampaoli all night if we win," he tweeted his followers ... now require you to meet promised, although it seems entirely unlikely to do so.

Anyway, professional porn shot to fame last year when, in the Brazilian World Cup-and realiz√≥- promised several marathons sa sexuale as red was winning games. During the Copa America, the media coverage has been lower ... until the end.

Cristiano Ronaldo found a lost phone and invited the owner to dinner.