Saturday, 4 July 2015

Dione Gonzales: the best Nadal executioner ace

Or the drive, or the reverse, or the smash. The best shot, the absolute ace Dustin Brown, the executioner surprising Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon, is nothing less than spectacular girlfriend Dione Gonzales.

The British tabloids have already discovered and can not stop talking about it as one of the world's sexiest tennis Wags.

ione is Mexican American and lives in Las Vegas, where he works in the Encore Beach Club. There, your body looks and performs his work as a cheerleader and huge bottles of champagne serving customers club.

Dione is a passionate tennis, a sport that also practiced while studying biology at the University of Texas.

She is the mother of a twelve years of a previous relationship which currently has with the German tennis player of Jamaican origin Dustin Brown.

Very active in social networks, Dione not stop her boyfriend to give messages of encouragementand has exulted with joy for his resounding victory over the Spanish champions.