Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Naked by the Vinotinto despite defeat!

They promised to undress each time a phase exceeds Venezuela in the Copa America. But the 'Vinotinto' was not the first. He was eliminated after losing to Brazil on Sunday ...

The illusion of many of the followers of the presenters of the program "Stripping the news' was truncated. But only in principle. For a few hours of elimination, the girls decided to undress.

And so they did. Because they are proud of the 'Vinotinto' collectively stripped for the cameras.The images last only a few seconds but are more than enough to show its beauty.

"Today we thank the eleven hearts unite the country again. Please fill us with hope and courage, thank you for making us believe in the unbelievable and make us vibrate with one voice", claimed in the video as they passed images topless models.

"It was just a slip. The word defeat is not in our vocabulary. The road has just begun ... Russia 2018, we go for you. Losing is not the end, it is the beginning! Like we undressed, fuck, "they concluded.