Monday, 22 June 2015

Porn video The daughter of Diego Maradona

"It is my body, not my tattoos, does not have my belly button ring." Says Dalma Maradona's daughter, going out to the many comments on social networks pointed as the star of a porn videothat has spread like wildfire.

The resemblance of the protagonist of the video Pelusa's daughter became cover of many portals in Argentina but the main involved has been quick to deny the program Andy Kusnetzoff, 'Reservoir Dogs'. "I want to clarify something because there's a video floating around. I'm not the video. I am very embarrassed having to clarify this, "said the actress.

Very upset about the issue, he added that "it is not my body, not my tattoos, does not have my belly button ring." Despite his denial, the networks are not created and still maintains that it is she who appears in the video though his face can not be seen clearly because it has finally come to light the potential problem.

This would be a Mexican girl named Lorena Stephanie and whose porn video was uploaded to the network by a former boyfriend in order to do harm.

"My thing with Cristiano Ronaldo was just a roll"

Chilean bunny Daniella Chavez said a few weeks ago one of the fans of Cristiano Ronaldo, is back in full today.

On the one hand, some media as the Playboy of their country, have named bride Copa America,while others accuse it of avail the competition to increase your fame with unfounded rumors.

Anyway, the godmother of the Chilean team was last week at a promotional event for the America's Cup in the center of Santiago and there, with very few clothes despite the cold, called the attention of the media.

"Never thought I would bring muse be so much work," said the blonde.

Asked by Cristiano Ronaldo said that theirs was only a "roll" and were never engaged. "It was nothing serious. He can wear it to bed the woman you want, "he said, adding that the Portuguese was the only player who physically interested.

In that regard, he said that neither Alexis Sanchez and Neymar likes. "My fellow is not to my taste but has a very toned body."

As for Neymar, he said "it is not my type. He is a great player and I think Brazil without Neymar is another. But physically I do not like, though I know many girls do like. "

Finally, he spoke of Christian and ruled that he could return to have sex with him. "Christian was upset because I confirmed to the press that had been with him."

Will he return to sing Maria Lapiedra Joan Laporta?

Joan Laporta presented Monday his candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona. Nothing more or less what he claimed his former girlfriend, the porn actress Maria Lapiedra, for quite a long time.

Specifically three years ago that Mary dedicated a song entitled 'Laporta, my man', asking them to submit to the presidency of Barcelona.

It is not yet known if Mary will participate in the campaign Laporta with another of his songs, but there is no doubt that despite the ups and downs of their relationship (he came to say that they were getting married), she has always been one of its major supports.

We'll see if this time becomes a 'wet' by Laporta as he did in that song that left real pearls ...

"The man who gave a 'punch to the White House. .. The man pointing the club ... The man who wakes at dawn Roncero bathed in sweat ... The man of style and ways to become dairy yogurt."

Pedro ties the knot

#PedroRodriguez married the mother of his child #CarolinaMartin on Jun 20 in Barcelona

Pirlo's vision: it was like that in the field!

Four photos of Pirlo looking women in different situations have become viral in the last hours.

The Italian, nicknamed the 'master' shows off the field also has great vision as that has characterized him in the pitch.

Look at the funny pictures and proves that the Juventus captain has a taste for the opposite sex ...