Friday, 19 June 2015

Chilean Larissa

The candidates to the throne of Larissa Riquelme have outgrown or a whole page. To them it has now joined the Chilean Fran Undurraga, a real bombshell of twenty-seven, which caused a sensation at home with plunging necklines showing in various television programs.

And he is known as the Chilean Larissa Riquelme, since making a hot 'body painting' with red, the shirt of the Chilean national team, in presenting 'Wicked World', a program made ​​from Brazil to explain the details Brazilian championship.

Fran has the boyfriend says an engineer who is jealous because her charms displayed publicly. "It has supported a lot. Without him I could not be here. It bothers you think I'm just a busty "hesaid.

Today, Chilean Larissa Riquelme will support more than ever to his team, which wants to give a good displeasure to another 'Red, the Spanish selection.