Thursday, 18 June 2015

The thong challenge of Olinda heated Copa America

Olinda Castañeda, recognized fan of Chicharito Hernandez to that already we present a few weeks ago, has raised the temperature of the Copa America.

The Mexican model, Playboy ambassador in his country, accepted the so-called 'thong challenge' that gave him the Mexican edition of 'Top 40' and danced to the rhythm of the song 'wooden horse' while he was wearing shorts down and He showed his undergarment.

The 'twerking' was to encourage Mexican fans to bid as high as possible by a soccer ballautographed and dedicated for solidarity. That was the challenge of the 'already stand' in 'Top 40' Olinda launched.

Wanda Nara and Maxi Lopez: the war that never ends

The drums of war between Wanda Nara Maxi Lopez and her ex-husband redoubled harderthese days. Both are, though not together or scrambled, holiday in Ibiza and do not stop to discuss by means of their three children.

The first accusations was the exblaugrana. "I called one of my children who were to search and Mauro Icardi cut the phone," he said as an example of the problems in frequently to see the three children together has with the model.

Torino player added that Wanda tells his children that he does not call when in fact neglects his phone calls. "For me the kids have to be with the mother, I respect that, but I have to be the same time with them. And the problem is that it seems that I have no right to see my children and they are not in an environment quiet. "

Asked if Wanda was a good mother, Maxi was a long silence and released: "Do not make me answer this question. I do not want to answer these things "

Obviously, the current wife of Mauro Icardi was quick to respond. And he did, as usual, by land, sea and air. "Maxi is jealous of Mauro and anger to me. I would happy that he had a wife who wanted their children as Mauro wants. The names tattooed guys not to make difference with French (the little daughter of Wanda and Icardi) ".

Anyway. An eternal war that continues or vacation. A vacation that Wanda enjoys a villa in Ibiza.

There has been visited by her sister Zaira, his sister 20 years Ivana, her mother and her mother Analia Nora, Argentine media say that even has a better body than Wanda own.

Teresa, the 'Octopus Paul' tit Copa America

The 'Octopus Paul' created school. After their forecasts acertadísimos at Euro 2008 (6 correct forecasts 8) and the 2010 World Cup (8 hits of 8 picks), there have been imitators.

Some have also been animals and lately have proliferated guess women. The first was the French and porn exactriz Virginie Caprice, known as the Octopus Vivi, who set out to make football predictions.

Later, in Italy there have been two models that have also been made ​​to predict outcomes: Laura Cremaschi and Claudia Romani, whose most resounding success was nailing the two results of the semifinals of the Champions League last between Real Madrid and Juventus.

How could it be otherwise, the Copa America tournament in Chile also has its own 'Octopus Paul'. Neither more nor less than a presenter of the celebrated Venezuelan chain 'Stripping the news' which, under the name of the 'tit Teresa' predicts tournament results ... her tits.

Now in its eighth forecasts, with six successes and two failures, which is not bad ...