Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Ronaldinho: this celebrated Valentine's Day

Ronaldinho never stops being news. Outside or inside the country, always transmits its joy of living, and this time it has done outside of football ...

And the exblaugrana hanged Tuesday in his Facebook a picture is worth my words. I dressed impeccably in black and sitting in a chair, appearing behind him four girls with individual bouquets.

What do you celebrate? Ronaldinho explains it: the Valentine's Day, a holiday that in his country, Brazil, is celebrated on June 12.

El Gaucho added next to the image, like himself, the girls are single and accompanies the message with several emoticons, one winking and the other, crying with laughter ...

The image resembles that bolder - and controversially last year appeared in a pool with five girls who showed the back of the camera.

Interview naked at secret love Courtois

The Interviú magazine features in its latest issue, on sale since Monday, Jeny Sánchez, which claims to be the secret lover and scorned the Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

If you recently we present his official girlfriend, a student and Canary dependent living in Madrid , now comes up Jeny Sánchez, as presented in the magazine and formerly known as Jennifer Sanchez and Jenni Sanchez during his participation as the Women program and Men and vice versa five years ago.

In the interview, the extronista explains that Belgian goalkeeper met through Twitter. He asked in a tweet not to leave the team and he answered by asking an appointment despite having a girlfriend. He says he did it because he just wanted to sign a shirt, but that was not all that happened ...

They messed up and their relationship lasted a couple of months that were once a week in hotels and nightclubs. "We were. I met him and liked it. In person wins a lot. He was my idol as Atleti goalkeeper anything else, "he said.

"I knew he had a girlfriend, but he told me they were wrong and they were going to leave. In addition I groped me telling me that if I would be more time with him when he left. I had many details that made me think he meant me. I, of course, he said he was delighted, "he continued.

But it ended the day Atletico won the League at the Camp Nou and saw him making out with his girlfriend. According to her, she might have become pregnant because there is no timaban precautions.

Promise fulfilled: Yuvi naked by the Vinotinto

As it promised. Presenting the controversial Venezuelan channel 'Stripping the News' promised before the start of the America's Cup that would undressing for the cameras as your selection avanzase phase in the championship.

As well. For now leads the Vinotinto a win-the more meritorious victory against Colombia and although he has yet to achieve the classification, the best known of the chain presenter, Yuvi Pallares (which stripped giving a story about Cristiano Ronaldo) already performed a striptease to celebrate.