Monday, 15 June 2015

Sexy hosting the Miss Cristiano Bumbum

Cristiano Ronaldo had a very special arrival of the Portuguese to Campinas, welcome. And in the airport and its surroundings he appeared nothing less than a spectacular Andressa Urach 'body painting' with the colors of the Portuguese.

The former contestant 'Miss Bumbum' doing now stuck to TV presenter, so some cameras caught all painted with the jersey number 7 Cristiano movements.

Surely that their presence would not have to do any grace to Madrid. And, remember, a few months ago Andressa told the tabloid 'The Sun' that she had slept with the Portuguese on the eve of the semifinal of the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund and was fascinated him look at his ass ...

Those statements outraged Christian, who claimed in court that it is now self-proclaimed 'World Bride'.

Chiara caused the fight between Higuain and Mirante

The blog SportPeople (a pink ball to Italian) of SportMediaset originally launched on Friday with an exclusive: the reasons for the big fight in the match between Higuain and Antonio Mirante, who plays for Parma.

Nobody knew explain why they engaged and almost came to blows last May 10 What happened in the field did not seem so bad and, in fact, was something else. A woman.

It called Chiara, a beautiful Neapolitan girl, who was girlfriend Parma goalkeeper. She has explained the origin of the dispute.

"Through the 'direct' (system that Instagram offers its followers to communicate privately) Higuín Gonzalo contact me, it makes me compliments and says he wants to see me. It was he adds his name corresponded proque official profile footballer (Ghiguain20_9) to ".

After receiving the proposal of an appointment, Chiari not happened anything but tell her boyfriend.Bad idea. "I told you once to Antonio, but he did not take it well. He sent me a very angry voice message that I still remember. Since then they born problems and then to leave. "

The rest you know. Now it view photos of women who wowed Higuaín and Antonio Mirante: Chiara beautiful ...

Osvaldo and his scandalous infidelity triangle

Osvaldo still installed in the scandal. A few days ago transcended its separation from Jimena Baron actress and that she had accused him of domestic violence, it is now the Boca striker would be involved in a love triangle infidelities.

But we go to parties. The press Argentina said that his first ex, Jimena Baron, would have driven away in mid April to discover treason. According to the news, Osvaldo would have had an 'affair' with Florence Zacantti a model and promoter of 26 years, daughter the exfutbolista Racing Cosme Zacantti.

She has categorically denied ensuring that only coincided in a car or siquieran event and came to speak, but now circulating the rumor that flower to have a porn video that Osvaldo would have sent the player himself ...

Which finally did it was the umpire in this whole affair is a rock singer named militta Bora. The possible denunciation of their ex, Osvaldo happened to be on the verge of going through the vicarage, as his new bride said they even had wedding plans.

The couple already had a tattoo as proof of love, while the media have appeared the first images together. The latter has led some to speculate that Osvaldo is already with the fly behind the ear to suspect that his new girlfriend was the one who told reporters ...

In short, a whole mess to which is added the former, Jimena Baron, who keeps making comments against Osvaldo and his new friend on television and networks.

Van der Vaart comes with the new muse of beticismo

Rafael van der Vaart came to Sevilla on Sunday and Monday will pass medical examination before signing for Betis. With him also reach his girlfriend knew, with which it forms a couple that has been much talked about.

Theirs is a story of love and betrayal. Sabia, which still goes by the name of her former husband, also a footballer, Dutch Moroccan Khalid Boulharourz origin, was the intimate friend of Sylvie van der Vaart, the former wife of Van der Vaart.
Shortly after what was one of the most glamorous couples in world football after an eventful night break year end in which Rafael was accused of hitting Sylvie, they began dating. And until now.

Rafael wise and have overcome hard times. They lost the child she hoped and last year her sister died.

Now they embark on a new adventure in Sevilla and safer than beticismo find the partner of Van de Vaart his new muse.

The relationship goes Benzema and heating up Rihanna

It seems that Benzema and Rihanna is serious, very serious. And they have returned to hunt the singer and the player passing another night out together.

This time, explains the American website TMZ, it appears that their romance temperature warms up quickly, because the night out Benzema ended up buying a huge bouquet of roses to Rihanna.

It happened on Monday night. Both were caught leaving a local Hoolywood, the Hooray Henry's Nightclub and although they did separately, it was obvious they had been in together. And while Rihanna climbed into his car between bodyguards, Benzema did the same in his and one of his bodyguards brought him a huge bouquet of roses.

Last week and hunted them in New York, also out of a local at five in the morning and lunch at a Cuban restaurant open 24 hours a day. Now they have repeated in Los Angeles and it seems that they are precipitating events. The roses suggest that RiRi and Karim are already more than friends.

"Barca and Real players threw me yews"

Cristina Pedroche was subjected to "interrogation" Risto Mejide in the program of Antena 3 'Al corner thinking' and made ​​a succulent confessions.

The host and number one fan Rayo Vallecano had no problem tackling any issue, it was indiscreet.For starters, he confessed that there have been many players who have tried the link.

"I have pulled the yews players Madrid, Barca, Getafe and Valladolid. People think they're on TV and what they want is to end up with a player because it is the logical thing. I never thought it would end up with a chef ", he confessed without giving any names on their footballing suitors.

A few months ago blew his possible romance with Manucho, but she flatly states that "no one ever Liaria me with Rayo Vallecano. Why not mix. I get along very well with most, I want to know what happens in the dressing room, but pure gossip. And they do not know flirting. Nobody really knows flirting. "

Risto Cristina asked directly if "Are you blind?". The Pedroche settled the question by stating that "I think I'm a real woman and that's what he likes people. Would I like to take off a couple of kilos ?. Well, maybe, because that would run faster. Just to it ".

Mejide also tried to chop it with the image of 'dumb blonde' for some broadcasts. "I do not consider myself silly but sometimes I play the role itself. But if I have to give it serious conversation."

Another Playboy bunny lover who claims to be CR7

As much as Cristiano asked to be left alone, it seems impossible. As he said in his video of protest, every day a new girlfriend appears.

The latter is Colombian, specifically Barranquilla. It is called Milagros Villamil. And model, of course, although it is more than a model. It's a bunny playboy. 'Noticias Caracol "said" Ronaldo knows and has a relationship with him. "

The portal 'Pulzo' contacted her and said, "You gossip leaked! No! "And added or" we are friends, I think a super nice person and we know you ".

When asked about whether the player was pulling him yews, count of that, very nervous, replied "oh yes" and that "in another week we will see" a secret place "it is on Europe ".

He added that in the future hopes to get Cristiano trip to Colombia and its Instagram posted a photo with a shoe in which is inscribed the name of the player.

Toure denies having been unfaithful with a prostitute


Yaya Toure held this Sunday front page of The Sun and not the back. Bad sign. Because sports are on the last page of the English tabloids and not on the first. In that publish scandals ....

And in this case, the City player involved in a very serious: he was accused of betraying his wife Gineba alrdedor prostitutes who charge 200 euros per hour.

To confirm this, The Sun had the testimony of a prostitute named Sandra Ntonya Malawi, who claimed that the bombed Touré text messages asking for sex.

The events had happened in late 2013 after the player had seen his photograph in sites for adults. According to Sandra, the exblaugrana called ten times the first week.

She rejected him because they "get used to not having African customers." However, she agreed to have sex and then he asked, again according to his testimony, racy photos, especially your back.

Sandra said that the first meeting took place at home and that l and paid 160 pounds, 20 more than agreed, and he was very nervous at first, but it was also very polite.

He also explained that on another occasion had sex in the back of the car Touré in a secluded spot not far from his home.

Hours after the publication of the news in The Sun, a spokesman for the African player denied it all to the Daily Mail, which reminded some of his statements saying "my wife is enough for me."