Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Osvaldo, denounced by domestic violence?

It seems that the actress finally Jimena BarĂ³n not report domestic violence by her former partner, Daniel Osvaldo, Boca Juniors striker.

She stepped back a few hours after his lawyer shall advise after her scandalous separation from the father of her child, Morrison.

"We separated by jealousy of Daniel. I did all this for no more verbal abuse from you. What I want now is to do my quiet life, "he told a television Argentina.

Jimena also elaborated on Twitter by posting inflammatory messages against his former partner, one with a picture of the player holding a sign calling for a march against gender violence ...

His lawyer said Jimena "had to block whatsapp because Osvaldo permanently harassed,especially after her debut as a singer. There he had an upsurge in such insults and aggressionstowards her. Jimena has all the shots chat. "