Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sharapova: "I want less cellulite"

Maria Sharapova is one of the strongest tennis players and even more beautiful in the world but this does not seem to suffice.

"I want to be thinner and with less cellulite, I think it is the desire of all the girls!" He replied, with a laugh, to a question during the International of Italy, under way in Rome.

The "case" was born after some photos taken just at the Foro Italico that seem to highlight a few blemishes on his legs.

Even the Moral confirmation Balotelli

Elena Morales, Radio Club 91, has denied having had a liaison with Mario Balotelli. "I do not even know him," remarked the former participant in 'The Beauty and the Geek'.

"With Renzo Bossi does not laugh. I laughed more after it is over for all what he did. I do not know if it was love for him. We were small I was 19 and he 21. I was struck by its extreme sweetness. And 'reserved and respectful in spite of what is said to him. Now I have a boyfriend but a particular friend, a platonic love. Meanwhile, it is not official. And I like to look like a normal girl: better that they think I'm stupid " he added.

Hamilton: "I'm single and surrounded by women"

Lewis Hamilton has put behind the long and troubled history with Nicole Scherzinger.
He admitted in an interview with 'La Stampa' during the weekend of the Grand Prix of Monaco. "I'm single, world champion and I'm surrounded by girls. Is not that great?" Noted the British Mercedes, fresh sumptuous new contract with the team at Brackley.

"I fear only one opponent, myself. I fight all the time - said the Anglo-Caribbean -. Of course, Rosberg and Vettel are very good. Nico is very strong, especially in qualifying. Sebastian on the other hand has already won four championships. As threat put them on the same level. Alonso? When in Australia I saw that we were first and their last, I wondered how it was possible. The McLaren is a team that has made the history of Formula 1. For sure will come back competitive, remains to know when. "

Finally, a confession: "There is one thing that I would do and spend more than 20 million euro for a plane."

The Satta defends his Boa: blame ridge peroxide

Melissa Satta is back to talk about the unpleasant affair that involved her boyfriend Kevin Prince Boateng.

The former tissue, you read about, it clarifies the situation of boyfriend: "This must be clear: Kevin was not fired, but only suspended. It 's still under contract with Schalke. A contract that expires in Exactly one year ".

For the young Sardinian Boateng against the measure it is related to the prejudices: "My man is not a bad boy. But a man of 28 who loves football, loves his job and does it as a professional. Just because it's tattooed and his hair with peroxide crest there is a kind of injury. "

Finally, the showgirl spoke about the market rumors that want the Ghanaian midfielder back in Italy: "Milan is my home. And if we come back here, I'd be happy. But we'll see."