Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Catches his wife with another during the Sassuolo-Milan

It seems a fictional story, typical of an Italian comedy, but it happened in real life last Sunday ...

The Sassuolo-Milan was played and an amateur team Berlusconi got tired of seeing losing theirs and 77 minutes, just when Berardi scored the third goal for the home, left the bar where he was witnessing and went home .

Big mistake, would have saved disgust. And, when it came to his home to find his wife in bed with another.

Obviously, it was not taken well. So much so that he became violent and hit both lovers. Alerted by neighbors, the carabinieri had to intervene to anger neither resulted in tragedy.

It is not an unprecedented case nearby. In May 2013, another 'tifoso' Vicenza had a similar experience. Pissed off by the ridicule of his team against Empoli, he took off the stage and caught red-handed to his wife with another man.

"I would pay to have sex with Kun and Lavezzi"

The Argentina model and Playboy Rocío Marengo exconejita underwent a questionnaire hot and did not hesitate to give a list of men who would pay money in exchange for sex.

In its list of five were the actor Ashton Kutcher, singer Ricky Martin, Nacho Viale producer and two players: the Kun Aguero and Pocho Lavezzi.

"The Kun Agüero is very good," said Rocio. It is not the first time the model has some relationship with the football world.

In fact, it was attributed an affair with the Pipita Higuaín and also with the Cholo Simeone. Neither relations came to be confirmed, although Dew hinted that other had occurred.