Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Figo: "My wife has a lot of patience to put up with"

Luis Figo, who has run for president of FIFA, attended last weekend in Madrid at the seventh edition of the awards of the magazine 'Traveler'.

The exmadridista, accompanied by his wife, the Swedish model Helen Svedin, who at 38 years is very good looking, got a prize.

Married for fourteen years, the couple was still very much in love and Figo revealed what his secret to maintaining happiness in your marriage.

". My wife has a lot of patience to put up with me I'm a very lucky man to have so many women at home," he said, laughing and referring to he and Helen have three daughters together: Daniela, 15, Martina, 13 and Stella , 10.

"We want to expand the family. I am delighted with my three girls, "said the Swedish model on whether to go find the man.

David Luiz promises a virgin at marriage

Sara Madeira Left girlfriend David Luiz; right moments Baptism PSG player

David Luiz, a member of a Pentecostal Evangelical Church, has been baptized in the pool of his teammate, Maxwell. And following the example of Kaka, it is committed to a virgin at marriage.

"What a joy to live with you Lord! Thank you for loving me so much and worry !. My life is yours and I'm just your servant. You are always at the center of all my decisions. I love you, my God.Amen. " With these words of faith has accompanied David Luiz photos of his baptism, he has posted on his Instagram profile.

The baptism took place in the pool of Maxwell and was held by the Pentecostal Hillsong Churchevangelical community. David Luiz is another famous athletes considered "champions of God.

At his baptism attended family and friends and his mother, Regina, he was very proud. Su, Sara Madeira girlfriend also shares the faith of David Luiz and agrees to wait for the wedding before consummating their relationship.

The player is part of the movement 'I chose to wait', which requires its members maintain full sexual relations before marriage.

Balotelli-Fanny: jealousy for another opportunity?

The return of the rumors that Mario Balotelli could resume his relationship with the spectacular Belgian model Fanny Neguesha.

Theirs is a stormy history, full of twists and turns, and a few months ago seemed finally completed .. .but no, the Italian cuore media have begun to speculate on the possible reconciliation.

The first hint, suggest, would be about photos posted by her on Instagram, which can still be seen sporting a tattoo with the name of the player in the left arm.

But Fanny's participation as a guest on the sports program 'Tiki Taka' has raised a cloud of dust.

It turns out that Fanny appeared with a sexy look and, because of this, a player was very angry.

Balotelli have even called for him with his daring, showing still not forgotten and is very jealous.

Meanwhile, the model has continued hanging abroncada very sexy pictures in bikini, that surely would not have done much grace to his grumpy ex-boyfriend.

Irina: "CR7 betrayed me with dozens of women"


The tabloid The Sun published Sunday in mouth Irina Shayk that "Christian betrayed me with dozens of women." That was, added the Russian top, the cause of the rupture between the two in early January.

Irina would have discovered the infidelities of Madrid striker through your mobile, where he read numerous posts ("girls worldwide" The Sun accurate) clearly indicating that was cheating.

The first thing he did after the discovery was telling Ronaldo, but he denied it all. "Until I told him he had seen the messages admitted," a source told The Sun.

The same source notes that "had always trusted him but since then was disappointed and deceived." The Sun also puts into the mouth of Irina that "I felt stupid because Ronaldo blew me away."

So he cuts the relationship earlier this year and a few months later started a new actor Bradley Cooper, in that things are going from strength to strength. The British tabloids just 'hunt' this week kissing passionately in London.