Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Barbara, evening disco with DiCaprio

Disco evening with Leonardo DiCaprio for Barbara Berlusconi.
This was reported by the agency Adnkronos, that the Hollywood star last Thursday, after being entertained for a long time collaborator with the program Mediaset Grand Hotel Chiambretti, Susanna Dodges, the party for the 40th anniversary of the fashion house Giorgio Armani, has reached Byblos where he spent the whole evening with Barbara Berlusconi.

With the two they were also the pr Tavallini Peter and Tommy Chiabra, former Lyndsay Lohan. At another table sat Mr. Bee, the Thai broker interested in the purchase of Milan.

Yuvi bare for Cristiano Ronaldo


Yuvi Pallares know how to strip the news. Literally.
The Venezuelan model has found popularity at home conducting transmission 'Desnudando the Noticia', during which takes off every garment and sets out the latest from the world of gossip, football and more.

His latest feat, however, has exploded worldwide as a media phenomenon. When told of Cristiano Ronaldo, finished in the middle of the thoughts of the 25 year-old Playboy Playmate Daniella Chavez, Yuvi was completely naked. And the video, for once, was displayed on the internet far beyond the borders of Venezuela. Who knows how many, though, it will be effectively concentrated on the news told by the sensual Yuvi.

Kiki, Jordan and Helen: the other front of Bayern

Bayern Munich will have three luxury reinforcements in their tie against Bayern. They are the other front of Pep. A cast of exuberant women staunch followers of the Bavarian team: Kiki Vidis, Jordan Carver and Helen de Muro.

Kiki Vidis.
It is the muse of Bayern porn. Or if you prefer, the 'Maria Lapiedra' the Bavarians but never came out with one of the presidents of the club as the Catalan ... Born in Australia, this pornstar made a posed with the shirt of Bayern and since then professes a special passion for the Bundesliga champions.

Jordan Carver
Based in Los Angeles from fourteen years, the voluptuous model maintains its German roots live with his devotion to the selection of Low and Bayern Munich. Suffice it to say he witnessed live the last Champions League final won by the Bavarian team against Dortmund. Now repeat dreams.

Helen de Muro.
Born in Munich, the Playboy bunny has always boasted of being a follower of Bayern. Whenever the team wins a title congratulates through social networks and wears their colors. Venezuela has chosen Playboy Playmate of the month of April.

Floyd Mayweather -- Baby Mama Sues for $20 Mil ... He's a Despicable Liar

Floyd Mayweather could lose tens of millions of dollars from his big payday if his baby mama gets her way ... because she's just filed a lawsuit claiming he ruined her with lies to save his own ass.

Josie Harris, who has 3 kids with Floyd, claims he lied through his teeth in an interview with Katie Couric just 2 weeks before the big fight ... when he claimed Josie was in a drug-fueled rage and he had to "restrain" her during their infamous 2010 domestic violence incident.

Point of fact ... Floyd was convicted of domestic violence and spent two months in jail.

Josie recounts her terror in the lawsuit, explaining how she and Floyd had broken up ... but he flew into a jealous rage that night, broke into her home and viciously attacked her while she was sleeping on her couch ... and her kids saw part of the beating.

Harris says she is now labeled a drug addict thanks to Mayweather's lies -- and was embarrassed and humiliated on a global scale.  

Her lawyer, Dan Friedlander, writes in the lawsuit -- Floyd's lies to Couric "were knowingly fabricated in order to hype Mayweather's upcoming fight with Pacquiao, to avoid bad press by deflecting responsibility for beating the mother of his children."

Harris wants in excess of $20 million. 

Dwyane Wade - $900,000 Wardrobe ... For Met Gala

0505_dwayne_wade_gabriel_union_dressy_instagram_2Dwyane Wade looked like a million bucks at the Met Gala and the Met Gala after-party ... it's because that's roughly how much his outfits were worth at his big night out ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Our fashion sources close to Wade tell us the total value of the NBA star's two looks he rocked out last night added up to roughly $900,000. 

Here's the breakdown ... 

1st Outfit 

Versace Tux -- $3,900 
Custom red sash -- (no price, but it was custom made by Versace ... so, expensive). 
Shirt -- $395
Del Toro suede leather Italian loafers -- $395 
Bow tie from Wade's Tie Bar collection -- $20 
Hublot watch with diamond skeleton face -- $113,000 
Buccellati jewelry on tie and jacket -- $500,000

2nd Outfit

White Versace jacket -- $8,000 
Jewelry -- $250,000 
Cufflinks -- $2,000 
Versace Monk strap shoes -- $1,500 
Versace pants -- $6,000


BTW -- We're told Wade didn't write a check for $900k ... some of the stuff was given to him for free to rock out ... the perks of being rich and famous.