Sunday, 3 May 2015

Meet the girls of the ring the fight of the century

The fight of the century will have other players outside the boxers Mayweather and Pacquiao.Neither more nor less than the four girls of the ring, a stunning beauty that will show signs of results after each assault.

It is the Brazilian Alana Campos and US Dessie Mitcheson, Janira Kremets and Vanessa Golub. Including four form the computer named 'ring Tecate girls', sponsored by the Mexican beer company has invested a total of five million dollars in the campaign.

This is the one by one and the picture gallery of the girls ring the fight of the century.

1. Dessie Mitcheson.

A whole American Beauty in 2013 won the 'Maxim hometown hottiest' contest and appearing among the hundred hottest women ránquing magazine 'Maxim'.

2. Alana Campos.
Miss Brazil and exchica Playboy, fulfilled his dream of appearing in Sports Illustrated. It has already intervened in any American series.

3. Janira Kremets.
Known as Champagne Katie, it is a model of Lebanese, Mexican and Cuban, who has rejected proposals have been made to pose nude.

4. Vanessa Golub.
This Californian model graduated in Communication Sciences and has worked in companies of Marketing and various agencies.