Friday, 24 April 2015

Silvio and Veronica Lario not agree

Was not found agreement between Silvio Berlusconi and his ex-wife Veronica Lario on economic issues relating to divorce.

Tuesday, in the court of Monza, there was a new confrontation between the lawyers of the owner of AC Milan and the former actress for the conclusions concerning the ongoing dispute on the check maintenance. And 'nuanced also the possibility of recognition of a sum paid in a lump sum, as feared recently: the Lario asked that the final sum was calculated on his life expectancy (some people refer to a total of close to half a billion euro), and not on that of her former husband, as proposed instead by the legal counterparty.
The ruling is expected in the next 60 days.

Armani: "I dress I Pep"

The images of the pocket ripped pants Pep Guardiola have been around the web. The network, as always implacable, gave vent to their imagination by creating hilarious photomontages.

Who certainly did not like all this publicity is Giorgio Armani that this year is the official supplier of Bayern Monaco.

In a memorandum to the German press and signed just by the famous fashion designer, reads: "We can confirm that we are the official fashion partner of Bayern and the team, including the coach wearing our comprehensive MTM in all official occasions, but not necessarily on the sideline. In Tuesday's game, Josep Guardiola was not wearing his complete Giorgio Armani MTM ".

Not to ruin the good name of the fashion house, Armani will have thought it was necessary to try to mend the breach ...

Rosy: naked save for a sheik to Parma

A 'Big Sister' Italian, Rosy Maggiulli, wants to save the Parma at any price. So was stripped and aims to attract an entrepreneur to invest in your team, immersed in a total bankruptcy.

Rosy has made ​​a photographic perched on a football field completely naked but painted with the colors of Parma. The result is a spectacular bodypainting should convince an investor, says Rosy best if it is billionaire sheik, to return to Parma to its golden age, not so far.

The showgirl, 25, has also promised a striptease in the field of Parma if the team they love gets saved ... Something hard. The club will be auctioned at a price of between 6 and 20 million. Let him know sheikhs ...

Lucia Villalon, "eternally proud" of Chicharito

Apart from Chicharito, one of the happier for his goal, which marked the move from Madrid to the semi-finals of the Champions League against Atletico Madrid people own is his girlfriend Lucy Villalon.

The reporter Formula 1, confessed Madrid, not in vain worked in television white club before landing in Antena 3, held in the networks of both her ​​boyfriend.

"Hard work, perseverance and courage ... Eternally proud! (Although I already knew ...)", Lucia, who first said it could be the new girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, but then turned out to be Chicharito wrote.