Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Justin Bieber threw the cane to Irina and Sparks

The American website says the singer Justin Bieber tried to link the former Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina Shayk, during the feast of Music Festival Coachella Valley (California).

According to this medium were spotted "flirting lively" and an eyewitness said that "sparks flew between them," adding that Bieber only had eyes for Irina throughout the night and that it was more than good company.

Because Bieber (21) came to the party with celebrities Kendall Jenne r (19) and Haley Baldwin(18) and soon was surrounded by many of the angels of Victoria's Secret, with which also flirtedbut insisted the source cited by, its focus was fixed at Irina.

The media are now speculating whether you can be born a romance, but all agree that the singer does not meet the profile of "faithful and honest man" looking Irina after the break with Cristiano Ronaldo.