Monday, 30 March 2015

Have bundled with the teacher Wilshere Square?

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere not only sounds like a possible replacement for Xavi at Barca.The tabloids say could be the ultimate conquest of the Playboy bunny Carla Howe.

Wilshere would join a list that integrate Patrice Evra, Mario Balotelli, Luke Shaw and recently the Colombian Juan Cuadrado, who was said receiving the English classes glamor model.

The new Chelsea player denied it but his alleged affair with Carla spread like wildfire on social networks.

Now that The Sun has recently agreed with Wilshere bunny on a night out and since then have not stopped sent "innocent" messages via Whatsapp during the last month.

"They talked about many topics and even their families and where they live," said a source quoted by the tabloid.

The question now is whether the media do things have gone further and have bundled or roped shortly. Time will tell. Meanwhile, do not miss the gallery of the 'teacher' of Square with the latest photos you have posted on their accounts.

"My fantasy is to do with a player of Barça"

Her name is Gwen Garcia. He was born in Miami and its roots are Nicaraguans. A real beauty that immediately caught our attention when we saw his spectacular perched on the Mexican edition of the magazine Man.

Gwen is the host of the television show The Net News, the pay channel Telehit, and decided to investigate if he had any relationship with the world of sport. And what a surprise we got!

Not a Wag, no. Not at all. But in the interview he conducted, in addition to confess what shameful about their sexual practices, he revealed his favorite fantasy. And that, of course, becomes the protagonist for our ball Rosa.

Read what he said: "My sexual fantasy is a footballer ... that kind of body I love to do so in a field with a Barcelona player after playing and sweating, phew, fascinate me.".