Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lucia Villalon: CR7 bride to be Chicharito

A few months ago he ran as a candidate for replacement of Irina Shayk at the heart of Cristiano Ronaldo and his alleged affair jumped to the front pages of the tabloids.
On Wednesday, Lucia Vilall√≥n, journalist then working at Real Madrid TV and now is the new female face of Formula 1 in Antena 3, graces the cover of Hello accompanied by a player andnot Cristiano Ronaldo.
This is his Mexican partner, Chicharito Hernandez, who would be your new boyfriend as pointed magazine and it appears from the loving images published.
In the same is the Santander reporter for 26 years very affectionate with striker in Barajas airport, which dismissed with kisses and caresses before catching a flight.
The Chicharito broke with the presenter and blogger Lety Sahagun, with whom he had a long relationship, and replaced by another journalist.

Sara did not 'pull' and his salary is affected

We are assured that it will not lean times, but Sara Carbonero is not experiencing a professional rosy.
Indeed, let's say he's going through a periodaccio. The girlfriend of Iker Casillas, in fact, no longer has the appeal of a time, especially when it was passed to the headlines for that kiss to the goalkeeper 'blanco' on live television immediately after the victory of Spain at the 2010 World Cup.
The Iberian sports journalist was immediately was hired to act as spokesperson for various brands, with a total compensation in 2011 estimated at 900 thousand euro. In recent years, however, consumption fell - perhaps for the crisis - and Sara Carbonero is not John Maynard Keynes: why did so many brands advertising have dumped; last in order of time Ipanema, who chose to replace it with actress Clara Lago. 
In 2012 there were already the first hint of alarm, with its 'pay' annual dropped to 308mila euro; in 2013 has even perceived 'just' € 180 thousand, 720 thousand less than the year 'post-kiss'.

Mayweather vs. Pacquaio -- TECATE KO'S CORONA ... Buys Beer Rights for $5.6 Million!

There was a civil war in Mexico surrounding the Mayweather vs. Pacquaio fight -- TECATE VERSUS CORONA -- but now ... one beer has finally obtained the rights to be the official cerveza of the fight!
Here's the tale of the tape ... Tecate has been a long-time sponsor of Pacquaio -- while Corona has often backed Mayweather. 
According to promoter Bob Arum, both companies were dead set on buying the rights ... which led to a good old fashioned BIDDING WAR!!
But when it comes to beer sponsors, there can only be uno ... and according to Arum, the winner was TECATE ... which bid $5.6 MILLION!!!!
"We've never seen anything like that on a beer sponsor," Arum told ESPN ... "Both companies were after it. It's a huge number."
Arum says Tecate's bid was $400k higher than Corona. 
Hey, life can't always be a beach.  

Antonella Roccuzzo scandal, the wife of Lionel Messi

The pair of Argentine footballer starred in an unfortunate episode that was rejected in social networks and Spanish media, where many women were angry.

Apparently, on Friday March 13 Antonella attended a clinic in Barcelona to take the appropriate checks because of pregnancy, although it acted in a questionable manner.

According to a patient who was waiting to be served, Roccuzzo diva arrived with an air of the place and told the employees: "I am the wife of Lionel Messi", resulting attend her immediately.

Due to the fact the clinic in question received a complaint and women bystanders were completely outraged by the preferential treatment was given.

¿Rami betrayed his girlfriend?

The star Francesca Cipriani has gotten in trouble at cental Milan Adil Rami. According to his version, he slept with the defense know he had a girlfriend. It said in a primetime in prime-time, the Grand Hotel Chiambretti.

There are those who do not believe. Who thinks everything is promotion for his new calendar ... A We're struggling to credit history. Especially knowing who the horned alleged. Neither more nor less than the Marseille model Sidonie Biemont, Rami official girlfriend.

In matters of love and sex you never know and Francesca Cipriani is as lush as can be seen in the photo gallery , but Sidonie is a beauty. She convinced Rami to him leaving for Milan and the model is very comfortable in the Lombard city.