Tuesday, 17 March 2015

"Sylvie Meis over heels in love with club owner '

© Facebook / ANP.

Lingerie Model and TV presenter Sylvie Meis (36) according to various Swiss media again found happiness in love. The Swiss Maurice Mobetie, also called Momo would have captured her heart.

Saturday the club owner flew with Sylvie back from Hamburg to Zurich. The two then went to his Club Flamingo with friends. In the pictures that have been taken in the club are the two intimately together. Also, Momo on his profile picture on Whatsapp a picture of himself and Sylvie in his arms. 

Sunday, the duo was spotted at the Hilton hotel where they had a few hours to lunch and there especially enjoyed each other . ,, They were very cozy with each other, '' says an eyewitness to the Swiss magazine Blick. ,, It was clear that they are a couple. They could not keep their hands and hugged each other like crazy. "" Sylvie could, according to the eyewitness also find very good with the son of Momo. ,, She has played all the time with him. ''

The club owner would have gone on Saturday morning trip from Hamburg to Zurich, but on Facebook, he writes that he already departed Wednesday. In addition, Sylvie Friday night in Cologne for the filming of the program Let's Dance and not in Hamburg. 

Momo club owner of Club Flamingo. Sylvie has often been at his club. In October 2014 she was there for the Pink Ribbon Night. In interviews has Momo told to befriend include Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent and Akon. His dreams would be a lady in everyday life and a freak in bed. 

Relations Sylvie 
Sylvie Meis since her divorce was not still in love with Rafael area. She had a brief relationship with a German dancer, a Dutch pilot, Frenchman Guillaume Zarka and in September she seemed the heart of the Spanish Count Luis Medina Y Abascal to have conquered. The last relationship that had Sylvie was with Samuel Deutsch . That relationship she confirmed in October 2014, but since January this year over.