Sunday, 1 March 2015

Photos stolen porn video woman Totti

New case of photos stolen and top with porn video through. The protagonist, nothing less Totti's wife, TV presenter, Ilary Blasi.

It all started when Ilary received notice of her fan club that someone was trying to sell on the internet, some nude pictures of her in the shower of a hotel.

A Ilary he panicked and shame in the first instance, but then began to dig with Matteo Viviani, his partner in the 'Le Iene' program.

They soon discovered that the protagonist of the images was not the presenter but a woman who looked like him very much. Whoever said "the second" was the Totti own, noting that the woman in question was not wearing a distinctive tattoo Ilary.

Then they discovered that the true protagonist of the photos and the video was a porn actress.But the thing was not there. Matteo Viviani delved into research and tried to find out who was behind it and tried to sell the photos.

He came to the end and gave to the official, a young man through a Facebook group wanted them to sell for 200 or 300 euros. A very low price if they were real, though he confessed to the journalist who was convinced that the protagonist of the images was the wife of Totti.

In short, everything has been a gross deception has been uncovered and Ilary has also been used to their advantage, for all the research of 'fake' was recorded and issued by his television last Thursday night.

Look capture any program with stolen photos.