Friday, 20 February 2015

"Rihanna, do you remember still the party in Rio?"

Rihanna has fulfilled this Friday 27 and therefore has received many congratulations. One of the most curious and fun, no doubt, was the player of Bayern Munich, Mario Gotze.

"Congratulations. Do you still remember the party in Rio? May you have health. All the best, "wrote the author of the goal that gave Germany victory in the World Cup final against Argentina Messi.

After the huge feat, Rihanna was one of the guests in no less monumental celebration party of Germans, as was recorded in some of the photos that were leaked. Gotze used one to congratulate the singer.

Irina Shayk strips for the Sochi Games

A year later, the Olympic Games in Sochi already has official film. Nothing great if it were not because one of the protagonists of the film is Irina Shayk, appearing completely naked ...

Was own ex-girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo who has revealed him hanging on his Facebook a poster of the film in which she can be seen without clothes, but with the blur body and pointing fingers as if it were a gun.

"Very happy to be part of the official film of the Olympic Games in Sochi," Irina writes with this image. 

Has Cristiano bundled with the sister of Coentrao?

Many wondered who the woman who appeared alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Fabio Coentrao in one of the leaked images of the controversial 30th birthday party of Portuguese was ...

Well, we know. It is Filipa, the sister of Coentrao. But not only that. The Portuguese newspaper, Correio da Manha specifically publishes Cristiano and sister of the wife of the white side could have been bundled.

Filipa, a lawyer for 26 years, has rushed to deny the news on Facebook, but only managed to secure fuel speculation that many women try to take advantage of the fame of Christian and that is not the case.

Recall that shortly after separating from Irina was speculated that the Portugal forward could be maintaining a relationship with Lucia Villalon, white journalist Real Madrid TV channel . That information was eventually watered down and not that that's smoke was confirmed. We'll see what happens with rumors about CR7 and Filipa ...

For as much as they deny it, a close source said during the party "were joking much." There was not the first time that Filipa attending a celebration of Christian and, last but not least, it is noted that Filipa is spending a few days in Madrid. We assume that at his sister ...