Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Biabiany drowns his sorrows with spectacular Sara

Not everything would be misfortune for Parma and for Jonathan Biabiany player. While the club still can not find solution to the financial burdens that could lead to the disappearance, the front section of football continues because of a diagnosed cardiac arrhythmia to joining the Italian club in August but has finally found a reason to smile.

This is his beautiful and sexy companion, Sara da Silva, with which it has made ​​a selfies that has posted on Instagram with the message "because a life without love is no life ...". Optimistic words of a couple who have learned to overcome the setbacks that have occurred to them and looking to the future with optimism.

Irina and Lewis Hamilton, together for Valentine

The Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton and Russian model Irina Shayk spent together on Valentine ... but not scrambled.

Instead of closing their sentences at home crying and, as some media have joked, eating ice cream and watching Bridget Jones, both decided preening and dressed in their best clothes, go to a party.

That party was neither more nor less than the gala opening of the fashion week in New York,where both were presented wearing a very appropriate black for his recent 'widow'. And if the top is cut with Cristiano , so did the pilot with singer Nicole Scherzinger, with whom he had planned to marry this year.

Certainly Irina went up to his Instagram a photo with a good bunch of roses, but did not specify if they had been given and, if so, who ...