Thursday, 12 February 2015

After rumours of treason

Joe and Claudia Silva are together again. The two had separated, eight years after getting married, due to rumors that pointed that the player would have had a son the result of an extramarital relationship.

According to reports, the only child, only 8 months old, would be the reason that led Joe and Claudia resume.

Irina seeks "a faithful man" Would not it was Christian?

A Christian everything is going from bad to worse since he has been separated from Irina Shayk. And she did the opposite happens. Follow in the limelight of fashion and not lacking jobs. Since he has started the year not to. Or at least perched or video clips of Russian top stop not appear although held in 2014 ...

The latter is undoubtedly the highlight. It is a sensual essay for the magazine Sports Illustrated.A year and should take at least seven consecutive, Irina appears in Swimsuit. Even graced the cover in 2010 and 2011.

It is. Undoubtedly the oldest of the models listed and, like good wine improves with time. She was one of the highlights of the party for the magazine held at the Herald Square in New York.

There he was asked, how could it be otherwise, by criticism of Cristiano for his birthday party and he just say "not fair" without further comment.

However, when asked whether he had plans for Valentine joked that "Like the meeting at this party." He also questioned about the kind of guy looking for a new relationship and its response fueled speculation that would have left Christian for his infidelities.

In remarks that reflected many Americans portals, Irina said "what I want in a man is to be honest and faithful. I like men who are loyal to women. I think that's the most important thing in a man. "

Have you asked Maradona 'vis a vis' with Pantoja?

Maradona can expect anything. But in recent times is splitting hairs. If first starred as a facelift as irreoconocible has left him as the very Uma Thuram, now has exploited an informative true 'bomb'.

Neither more nor less than the 'Fluff' could have asked for a 'vis a vis' with Isabel Pantoja in prison in Alcalá de Guadira. However, their wishes would not have been met because prisons have rejected and denied the petition and will have to wait for the tonadillera leave jail to satisfy them.

The news was announced the Argentine program 'Infama' and is spreading like wildfire by means of the Spanish cuore. We will keep you abreast of singular subject ....

Cavaliers: free sex if they get the Playoffs

The actress Ava Devine has made a curious proposal to motivate players from his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. "If you get into the playoffs me sleep with all its players. I bring a friend ... but I can with everyone, "he said.

The veteran porn star is 40 years old descended from Spanish and Italian and in recent times is distinguished by hanging many 'selfies' on social networks.

His offer undoubtedly be an extra motivation for a Cavaliers who occupy the penultimate place in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference. Since the 2009-10 season, when I joined their ranks Lebron James, have failed to pass the playoffs. The Varejao, Irving, Deng, Waiters and Thompson should shake up if they want to achieve sexual cousin Ava.

Here are the photos ...

The Megan Fox hot Brazilian and Miss Bumbum'15

Miss Bumbum 2015 is warming up. They have begun registration for the next edition (the fifth) and the organization has chosen Claudia Alende, known as Megan Fox Brazil, to promote the contest.

Naked and wrapped in a Brazilian flag, the second Miss classified Bumbum 2014, poses in a sensual essay, to attract new participants. The images, without looking, have already caused controversy and received some criticism.

"We have received many comments talking about that it is disrespectful to the flag. I apologize to the Brazilians who might feel offended, but it was not the intention. Respect all national symbols and mainly the flag. It will say in my name and in the competition ", wrote on social networks.

But what is truly innovative, and more occupies us, on the new edition of Miss Bumbum is that the theme of the contest will be 'Fitebol & Bumbum', a combination of soccer, fitness and ... asses.

Registration will end in July and August will be presented the twenty contestants and the public can start voting via the Internet.

Moreover, it should be noted that this year the competition will have some unprecedented demand.Besides having to try on X-ray examinations have no prosthesis in the rear, participants must also undergo clinical trials that prove the absence of applied chemicals in the body.

Especially controversial hydrogel, which nearly cost the lives of Andressa Urach, ranked second in Miss Bumbum 2012 and, surely, the most famous participant in the history of the competition.