Thursday, 5 February 2015

Balotelli to dinner with Raffaella Fico: back to the serene?

Mario Balotelli rejoins Raffaella Fico and daughter Pia.
The Liverpool striker has been granted a 'family reunion' in Manchester, where photographers have discovered leaving a restaurant in the company of former girlfriend and the girl (to whose custody the two had crossed in Court ). Balotelli has decided to spend the last hours of negotiations of the transfer to the San Carlo Italian restaurant in town English.
No return to Italy for him (there was talk of Inter and Juventus , but most of Parma and Lazio ), only a return of harmony with Raffaella ( fresh marriage ), after Fanny Neguesha was back talking about him in 'Verissimo' and that it was in Manchester's former AC Milan striker was given a dinner to fourbefore the New Year, with a friend and two women whose identity has never been revealed.