Friday, 30 January 2015

Fanny, tells the whole truth about Balotelli

In absolute exclusive to Verissimo, Silvia Toffanin interview showgirl Fanny Neguesha, former girlfriend of Mario Balotelli, departing, as the shipwrecked, to The Island of the Famous.
Below, an excerpt of the interview that will be offered in full Saturday, January 24 at Verissimo, on Channel 5.
You who know him well, How Mario Balotelli in private?
"Mario uses the attack because he is more reserved and softer than it appears. Thus, before being attacked attacks. But a heart has it! ".
On June 10 Mario made ​​you an offer of marriage. In light of what has happened then you regret telling him yes?
"I immediately accepted his proposal. Now, in retrospect, I would have taken more time to answer yes. It was not the right time. You had to concentrate on the world and I would have to continue to bear it and maybe take that step ahead. "
What was the reason unleashed that made ​​you leave?
"Ours was a nice story, but obviously there were some things on which we did not agree. I wanted to continue to work and he did not want. He did not want that I dance, sing, and I went on the covers of newspapers. I tried to convince him, but he has a hard head. "
Would you have liked him to become the father of your children?
"When you're in love with dreams for the future with the one you love and start a family is part of these projects."
What happened to the engagement ring?
"I've given back to Mario. I did not want it to be thought that I was with him for the money. Give back in the ring I said "when you find the right person you give it to her. '"
Would you go back with him?
"Now I do not think. In any case, sometimes we feel, because we love the same. "
And with Thiago Silva?
"No, today is not in love with anyone and I'm single. In an interview I was asked who could find cute in French football clubs (Fanny leads a fitness program in France ed) and I simply replied Thiago Silva. Nothing more. "
Finally, you're leaving for The Island of the Famous, what do you expect?
"For me, The Island is a challenge against myself. I would like to see that not only the girl who takes pictures and then put them on Instagram. I want to show who they really are, my skills. I wish I could make known beyond the gossip. Now begins my true story. "