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'I saw spirits of the dead wanting to take my soul, "says Andressa Urach

The model, who is recovering from an inflammation in the legs by use of hydrogel, speaks of the hospital and says he has committed many sins of vanity.

Andressa Urach com o filho Arthur (Foto: Roberto Teixeira / Ego) 

She approached the death and reborn. After spending 25 days in hospital because of an inflammation caused by the use of hydrogel on the thighs and thus present a sepsis, Andressa Urach seems to have taken lessons from what he suffered. The model with six pounds less, without the false nails and the megahair, received the EGO staff in the building where his mother bought an apartment in a neighborhood of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul Using a long dress. - New clothing style adopted by her since disturbances began in the legs in June - and performing serene, Andressa mentioned the words God and rebirth several times. The mother, Marisete De Faveri, she thanks the arduous struggle to keep her alive.

In the 25 days he spent admitted to the ICU of the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição, in Porto Alegre, she says that death came to her and that it was thanks to maternal faith and the need to stay alive to take care of his son, Arthur, 9 , who was Andressa and returned.
During the interview, Andressa revealed the drama of details that lived in the hospital. With sepsis, your kidneys stopped working and she saw her swollen body, with nearly 150 pounds. On the table was haunted by dark shapes shouting and involved.

Urach points his sinful past, how do you evaluate, responsible for everything that has suffered in recent months. In excess of vanity, which led to the disastrous consequences of this, Andressa revealed that for five years had the job of a lady for fame and money. Following the woman's guidance, she says she fought agreements with entities to win luxury, wealth and the so desired fame.
Andressa believed to have spent almost the value of an apartment in these magic works for, she said, get what he wanted and unwanted people away that could harm its rise. "I also did a lot of sex for hire, not for love. Always involved with men of good purchasing power, committed, married, to get them good trips and good dinners. I'm not ashamed to tell, because this is part of my past. "

In clear recovery and willing to write a new story for you, she wants to return to the program counter that displays the "Great show" on TV Network, on 9 February. The carnival want to be in São Paulo Sambadrome to command from there the shows for the TV network: "I love my job!". Read below, which said Andressa Urach in conversation with the EGO.

Death Ghosts
"At the hospital I saw spirits of the dead wanting to take my soul. They were the soul from death. They were around me because they wanted my soul anyway. This is all because I did not thank God. It was the faith of my mother, who was a link with God, who made the souls to leave. I was disturbed. Souls were made dark clouds. Gave me a sense of fear and made scary noises as suffering spirits. Dark figures seemed as if they were smoke. The strongest of them was a dark figure and passing inside my body. Ordered to suspend morphine because they thought it was her that made me delirious. But I believe this thing of mind and thought that the substance made me between these two worlds. My mother called pastors who prayed for me. Doctors removed morphine and visions stopped. "
In clear recovery and willing to write a new story for you, she wants to return to the program counter that displays the "Great show" on TV Network, on 9 February. The carnival want to be in São Paulo Sambadrome to command from there the shows for the TV network: "I love my job!". Read below, which said Andressa Urach in conversation with the EGO.

"I did not commit sins of killing, stealing, but over sins of vanity, arrogance. Was arrogant perhaps due to the difficult life he had. Ignored by my father sexually abused from 2 to 8 years by the husband of the beautiful woman who raised me, a teacher of Portuguese, I was getting the coldest heart. I also spent over a few people and also very exposed my life, my body ... In the hospital spent all this movie in my head, but God knew my heart. He knew what evil I had ever done and I cried for the life of my son. It is the most important human to me, was his love that saved me and brought me back to earth. I'm sure. "
Andressa Urach  (Foto: Roberto Teixeira / Ego) Andressa Urach (Photo: Roberto Teixeira / Ego)
Pact with spiritual entities
"There was consultation with a lady who ran a center. Was never black magic, I can not explain very well. I did not come to attend a center, but had his help. She gave me perfume baths, salt to clean me. He asked for the orishas everything I wanted: success, good car, apartment, got everything. I paid dearly for it. The promise I made with my pombagira at the time was that, for every $ 1000 that I won, I would give her champagne. Outside the £ 5000 of the final year of the spiritual center of party I also took. To celebrate the work that conquered television, donated £ 3000. I also did badly for some people, doing work for them turn away from me. The lady who ran the center said the name of the person, and I did the work to keep her away. "

Sex interest
"I won everything I wanted, but I was unhappy love life. The men who would approach me or were married men, or compromised. I wanted a real love. I always looked for it, but knew that because too explore this sensual side of butt, no man accepted me. I knew this was the price I had to pay for work on television. Only around me with men with good purchasing power. I've always had with prejudice man who had no money. Always wanted men that provided me good dinners, good trips, and this is a sad thought. He did not seek the feeling of the person and, yes, she could offer me. Me involved with the men interest. I'm not ashamed to tell because this is part of my past. "
Andressa Urach (Foto: Roberto Teixeira/ EGO) Andressa Urach (Photo: Roberto Teixeira / EGO)
Erotic shows
"I striptease for very good paychecks. I did, yes. But here I tell you: it was not sin because he was not selling my body for sex. It was a show that famous as Gretchen do. I was a professional who was hired to be half naked and dance. It was a job. It was not prostitution. Never slept with a man and he gave me money later. Today the priorities are different. We can not change our past, but can change our future. Now people will see me by my actions. "
New life
"It's changing everything! My way of living, thinking, to feed me (emotional voice) ... both physically and spiritually. This happened from the moment I found myself facing death. I know I'm a miracle of God, the experience I had with God I just know. He is alive, He exists. "

Photos from inside the hospital
"I know who took them. Were relatives. How will I punish a relative? It made me very badly. Cried for three days. I asked them to take photos for me to keep the process of my clinical outcome. Never sell these images to make money, proud of the way I am. "
Andressa Urach com o filho Arthur (Foto: Roberto Teixeira / Ego) Andressa Urach with his son, Arthur
(Photo: Roberto Teixeira / Ego)
Relationship with his father
"When I was born my father ignored me. At age 11, I asked my mother to meet him. We were ten minutes together, he was in the tangle of his city hunting when we were introduced. With 14, I asked to move in with him and lived in his house for three months. I saw him again when my son was born when I was 17. I went with my husband to his city to present it to his grandson. After that, I was ten years without seeing it. He never came to me! At the hospital, arriving to visit me, said it would make a scandal if he could not see me. He entered the room and was ten minutes with me. Then he told everything he saw for a TV station that brought you there. He hurt me a lot. "
Scars on legs
"I'll leave them there, as they are. I fear surgery. I thought about making tattoo to hide them, but they are not bothering me before everything went. Neither was wearing shorter clothes because a year ago changed my style of clothing, wearing longer skirts. It may be that suddenly I even put a jeans shorts and show my scars for everyone to see. They are the marks of my victory. There is a warrior who has no scars. "

Andressa Urach com o filho Arthur (Foto: Roberto Teixeira / Ego) 

6 months after dumping Alex Ovechkin, tennis star Maria Kirilenko got married

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.32.00 AM
In June, Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko called off her engagement to three-time NHL MVP Alex Ovechkin, stating “it is not a secret for anybody that Sasha has certain habits and particulars of behavior that I did not consider worth tolerating anymore.” (What, losing in the playoffs?)
It appears Kirilenko made a quick turnaround, however, as she recently posted photos of herself in a wedding dress on Instagram. But is she really married just six months after her split? An FTW investigation follows.

It looks like a wedding dress, but maybe she was just on one of those Disney cruises where you get to dress up like a princess.
It sounds like a wedding, but maybe she just met Goofy or something.

Russian translation in italics: With my beauties, a winter fairy tale …you’re the best!!!
Eh, we still can’t stay for sure. Kirilenko is wearing the wedding dress, but maybe this was for a photoshoot for Russian Vogue, which I doubt exists but, if it does, probably features a shirtless Putin on every cover.

With my beloved daddy !!! You’re the best dad !!!
This sure looks like a wedding, what with Kirilenko’s father seemingly getting her ready to walk down an aisle of some sort, but without a groom the only takeaway is that Bittersweet Symphony has made it to Russia and is sort of a weird song to play before a wedding.

With my beloved husband and our favorite moms!! Friends, believe me, this is a great happiness to find your true love. Be good, love one another and do not waste power condemnation and anger. I wish you all find happiness and be kinder!
Okay, our findings say that Maria Kirilenko indeed got married. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Dasha Zhukova, Roman Abramovich and waiting for a second child

Charming Roman Abramovich's girlfriend, 29-year-old Daria Zhukova, will soon become a mother again. December 25 beloved Russian businessman spent the weekend on the small island of St. Bart's, located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago. That's where the paparazzi captured and Dasha in her interesting position.
The news that Abramovich soon to become a father for the seventh time has been kept a closely guarded secret. Expect someone happy parents: a boy or a girl, too, remains a mystery.
 Also recall that three years ago, Daria Zhukova gave birth to her first child. Boy, whose father also became Abramovich, named Aaron Alexander. Double name the baby received after the close associate of Moses and his grandfather - the father of Dasha.